Stretch Your Brand Reach With Elastic Thinking

Elastic thinking is the sub-conscious, idea-formulation process of creativity. It produces the kinds of ideas that make people think you’re crazy. It turns heads and divides opinion. But it also pushes the world forward.

Here in the studio we don’t just encourage elastic thinking, we nurture it. It oozes from our fingertips and spills out into everything we do. We’re in the business of making brands stand out. Elastic thinking’s how we do it.

And it works. Think 100,000+ social-media views, 850% improved engagement and £15,000,000 in monthly leads. Not to forget doubled annual profits. That’s the power of elastic thinking.

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How we do it

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Through brand workshops, we uncover the position of your target audience and see your brand and competitive landscape through their eyes. This allows us to create a strategy that truly engages the audience.

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By thinking differently, we can give your brand story more power. Identifying your attributes and personality, we create a distinctive, compelling and flexible language of words, imagery and experiences.

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Utilising the right mix of channels, we help your brand reach, interact and affect your audience wherever they are. It’s the beginning of a long, rewarding relationship that will help your brand go far.

Our Culture

Here at Elastic we recently celebrated our first decade in business. We have a fantastic team and are very proud of the work we’ve delivered to our many clients across the years. Success can mean many things to many people, but after all these years if you wake up each morning excited by what’s ahead, that seems to be about as good as anything.

Elastic is an agile, friendly company that means business. Keeping a balance between working hard and having fun while doing it is something we feel we’ve become pretty good at. We’re lucky to work with a great bunch of people – both the Elastic team and clients keep motivating all of us to keep doing better.

Clients who have benefitted from elastic thinking

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