Managing your Content with a CMS

Take control – content management systems (CMS) that put you firmly in the driving seat.

Easily edit copy and change or add imagery with our content management system

We most commonly build the front-end of the site into an open source Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or MODX in order to provide you with the website management and administration you require. They are both comprehensive content management tools based on a PHP application framework. They are both considered to be the most secure, innovative and easy-to-use open source CMS systems available, providing a flexible and robust solution to fulfil all the administration requirements. This includes:

  • entering/editing/deleting text and images via a web-based interface
  • adding new site sections, web pages and sub-pages
  • ability to upload and delete PDFs and other format docs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • managing information in all areas
  • creating and archiving news articles and reports.

As an open source solution, WordPress and MODX are supported by a worldwide community of code developers and programmers, providing rigorous back-up and support to web developers such as ourselves, ensuring complete technical integrity in site build and on-going developments. The actual application is free, although there are substantial modifications and bespoke adaptations we may need to make to meet the site objectives.

The systems both allow multiple levels of website management through web-based administration pages. Content management can be devolved to web authors, administrators and content editors and does not require extensive technical knowledge to use.

CMS training for your website

We will provide full training to the designated staff in using the CMS. We ideally recommend up to three or four members of staff can be trained at the Elastic studio or on location at your offices. During training we provide a bespoke training manual for your future reference. The framework also offers the flexibility to integrate additional software modules (plug-ins) and applications such as photo galleries, blogs, discussion forums, news, and events calendars.

We use the most secure, innovative and easy-to-use open source CMS systems available.

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