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Every part of your website affects how people react and respond to it. The colours, the fonts, what buttons you have and where you have them. It’s a lot to think about. Happily, we love thinking about all that stuff. It means we can use amazing design in loads of different ways and places, so people interact with your brand in a more consistent, rewarding and engaging way.

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Reward your users and they’ll reward you

Give your customers a positive, easy, pleasant, memorable and downright exceptional user experience and in return they’ll reward you with loyalty and word of mouth. If your website isn’t relevant, easy to navigate and highly usable then it will repel these customers.

They will quickly leave. And take their hard-earned cash with them.

From the second a potential customer comes to your website, they must be able to understand your brand proposition and want to engage with that.

For Elastic, user experience or UX design begins with your brand workshop.

Working with you we build a full understanding of your business, your target markets and what sort of people you want visiting your site.

To help ensure better user centered design we gather together we’ll build a picture of these customers and create full user profiles, including their:

  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Accommodation
  • Spending patterns
  • Interests
  • Activities

Mapping out the user journey

We then use all this invaluable profiling info to shape our whole UX design process.

In combination with this research, user journeys and wireframes form the skeleton of your new, more user-friendly site.

These journeys and initial frames can then be tested with some sample end users who will be using the live site, and subsequently refined based on their feedback.

We also use some user journey testing systems in house, including:

Google Analytics Content Experiments

Reviewing, redesigning and reevaluating

We constantly test, review, refine and relook at the user journey and further improve and advance our design process.

That way we can design UX journeys and templates that work across all versions of digital products including:

  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Applications
  • Transactional sites
  • Email
  • Social media

These are then put through final user testing for one last round of feedback to ensure we have created something based around the most effective, attractive user experience design.

How your customers experience your website affects everything – sales, leads and enquiries. So this rigorous testing and refining makes sure that these customers feel engaging with your brand online is a rewarding experience – and rewarding for you for giving them that.

The way in which your customers experience your website affects everything including sales, leads and enquiries.

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