Cheerio Manor Place – it’s been a blast!

In early March 2020, just before Boris announced we’d be going into a full nationwide lockdown, we were faced with a decision. The lease on our long-time office – 6 Manor Place – was coming to an end.

Should we renew? Should we find a new office? Or should we get with the times and go fully remote? A tough choice – not to be made lightly.

With so much uncertainty about what the future would hold post-COVID-19, it didn’t seem logical to renew or source a new office. Why pay rent for a building we’re probably not going to be using for the foreseeable future?

And, with everyone in the team totally slaying it from home, still delivering awesome creative work, it seemed like becoming remote could be a good avenue for us to explore.

And with that – we have an important announcement…

Still delivering killer marketing materials – from the comfort of our homes (and co-working spaces)!

Considering everything, we’ve made the decision to become a fully-remote digital & creative agency. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

There are lots of factors that have led to us making this choice.

The team is still delivering the same high standard of creative work from their homes.

We’ve always been pretty strict about ensuring a healthy work-life balance for the team, but the decision is especially helpful for our commuters who are now saving as much as 2 hours a day in travel time.

And, since we were so quick to adopt remote working tools like Zoom, Slack and Google Drive once lockdown was announced, we’ve actually found it really easy to maintain open and effective communication channels with both ourselves and our clients.

In fact, sometimes it’s a little easier to get hold of each other when we need to and quickly share docs and resources. So that’s a huge positive.

That said, we also fully understand the need for our guys to get together and brainstorm, so we’ve sourced a local coworking space that the team can use whenever they need a quick powwow or just want a different environment to work from.


Out with the old, in with the new

Manor Place has been our home for over 14 years now.

The fact that we’ve been there for so long is a testament to the awesome work our evolving team has consistently delivered.

We’ve all got cherished memories there. And it really does feel like the end of an era.

But, as time moves on, it’s a necessary step towards a new way of working – one that allows us to operate more efficiently, effectively and creatively.

For our clients, all you need to know is that we’ll still be producing that same top-notch work we always have and delivering the same world-class marketing results – and there’s absolutely nothing going to change with this new direction.

So, with that, we say Cheerio to Manor Place – it’s been a blast!


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