“Elastic have helped to completely transform our online presence. Our digital marketing now generates a monthly average of $15M in lead value.”

Dave Grimshaw
Business Development Executive, CDS

“The Elastic team are a powerhouse of creativity & professionalism; they understand what is happening culturally and how a business can tap into that.”

Sarah Woodcock
Manager, hspc

“We have been very impressed by the process and especially the end result and would like to thank Lauren, Adam, Colin, Stephen and the rest of the Elastic team for ‘turning on the lights’.”

Randal McLister
Managing Director, TeamCard

“We have a strong ethos that developments should be design led, and that quality should be paramount. Elastic have been fantastic at applying this to our brand & marketing.”

Eve McCurrich
Development Manager, Whiteburn Projects

“Throughout this process we have found Elastic to be responsive, patient and extremely supportive. All staff within Elastic have responded to queries that arose.”

Trish Tougher
BBV Networks Manager, NHS Lanarkshire


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