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5 Best Product Launches That Flopped

Every product launch can't be a success, but even the failures are an opportunity to learn. Here are 5 of the most historic failures of the last 35 years and what we can learn from them.

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Online Shopping Goes High-Tech

Thanks to a steady rise in the number of disruptive entrepreneurs, radical new technologies are emerging at rapid rates, especially when it comes to online retail.

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Why Do You Need SEO?

If you want your business to have a successful online presence, you need a solid SEO strategy so your customers can find your content. Find out how to get started!

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Cult Classics

Before there was 'going viral,' there was the opposite: the cult classic. Here are our favourites and what we can learn from them.

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What Is Digital Marketing? Part I

Digital Marketing encompasses a lot more than banner ads. If that sounds overwhelming, check out this primer on all things digital to find out what Elastic can do for your business!

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Developing Mindfulness

Our world of constantly flowing distractions causes stress and a sense of fragmentation. Mindfulness can help. Here are some ways to 'micro-dose' mindfulness into your daily life.

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The Creativity Code

We used to think that no matter how smart a computer became, it could never match a human. But will computers surpass human reasoning? Maybe.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Elastic Thinker

Social justice, feminism, LGBT equality & more: The Notorious RBG has overcome a lot to become an icon. You don't have to be a visual artist to think creatively, and Ginsburg's life proves it!

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Dr. Seuss: Elastic Thinker

Elasticity gives us creative freedom, but it can also restrict. Find out how one Elastic thinker used restrictions in a new way to come up with one of his most well-known works.

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Can TikTok Keep Pace?

With over 500Million global users and a strong youthful fan base, Tik Tok is on the rise. Marketing opportunities on the app abound, but is it the right social media platform for your brand?

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History’s Mysteries

Design may be our specialty, but that doesn't mean we don't love a bit of fine art, too. Take a look at the mysteries & controversy surrounding 5 of our favourite works!

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Antoni Gaudí: Elastic Thinker

Gaudí is known for his unique architectural style, and nowhere portrays that style better than Barcelona. Take a look at his masterwork, the Sagrada Familia.

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Political Designs

As young millennials gain the right to vote, politicians are expanding their targeting to reach young people in new ways, including cool, design-forward merchandise. Take a look at some of our faves!

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Ingredients for Good Design

Cookbooks may not come to mind when you think of good design, but they actually hold the key to all the important aspects of graphic design, usability & more. Here's what you can learn from a well-crafted cookbook!

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Super Bowl LIII Trend Watch

Political ads have flourished in Super Bowl ads over the past few years, but not this year. Here's what brands will tackle this year & what we're looking forward to!

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Are You ASA Ready?

As the ASA implements new regulations that will prohibit sexism in ads, reactions from the public are mixed. So how do you make sure your brand is in compliance? Check out these tips for advice!

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Mythbusting: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing seems overwhelming if you've never done it before. Let's take a look at some of the myths that surround online adverts and whether they're true.

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Merry Christmas from Elastic!

The Elastic studio is feeling festive & ready for the holidays! Check out this roundup of our favourite Christmas traditions & stories from years past.

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Elastic Top 10: 2018 Edition

Every year around this time, we like to take a look back at our favourites of the year. It's a great chance to reflect on the great experiences we've had, so grab your wishlists and get excited!

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Stan Lee: A True Marvel

Superhero films are everywhere, but Marvel's lead the way. Stan Lee, the man at the centre of it all, developed a world we could all believe in.

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It’s Alive! DJCAD & Gothic Design

The connection between Scotland & all things Gothic runs deep, so we were excited to work with DJCAD students to come up with creative ideas that showcase this aspect of our history.

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Why Do We Say… PSA Edition

Thanks to their long shelf-life, PSAs often work their way into speech, entertainment and culture for years after they stop airing. Here are some famous examples

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Slacktivism & Today’s Millennial

Social media gets a bad rap from pretty much everyone, but the internet has become a major destination for planning activism globally. So how does the savvy activist-in-training avoid slacktivism in favour of activities that actually drive change?

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Parody: The Greatest Form of Flattery?

The concept of parody has been in existence since time immemorial, but when it comes to adverts, is it flattering- or insulting? Can it be a little of both? And what do brands need to watch out for before creating their own parody ads?

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Mythbusting: Social Media

Social Media has been around for nearly 2 decades, but the myths surrounding marketing on the platform persist today. Elastic has the expertise to successfully market your business on social media, no matter your audience- Click here to learn more about our top tips.

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Elastic: The Font

We love to see our Elastic thinking reflected in what we do, and these Elastic fonts are no exception! Check out the work our placement did to create fonts that celebrate what it really means to be, well, Elastic!

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emotive advert on side of building

Emotionally-Connected Brands

Brands are often scared to engage emotionally with their consumers, but an emotional connection is necessary to build interest, brand loyalty & advocacy. Check out these case studies to see some examples of successes (and failures!) at building these connections.

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Ultra-High Net Worth Campaign: The Carnegie Club

The Carnegie Club is one of the world’s most prestigious private clubs located in a secluded corner of the Northern Highlands. The club wanted to highlight the unique experiences and opportunities available to its members: a chance to live the life of a laird.

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