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Creating a Marketing Campaign

The term ‘marketing campaign’ tends to cause a bit of discomfort to anyone who hasn’t done one before. Add in social media to that and things can get a bit hairy. But does everyone know what a marketing campaign actually is?

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Marketing Strategy…Data is the New Digital!

‘Marketing’ these days mainly happens digitally. But what do we mean by this and also the phrase ‘marketing strategy’ ? And how do we deliver business value? What are the central elements that make up the modern marketing strategy?

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Creating a Brand

A brand is often misunderstood but is essentially the process where you translate your company’s personality into a set of messages (normally thought of us visual but also verbal) that help sell your products or services.

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What is Marketing?

Marketing Week recently released the results of a study that show only a third of businesses understand what marketing is. Considering how important it is to a brand, that number is quite concerning. So what exactly is marketing?

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Social Media and Mental Health – Help or Hindrance?

There’s no denying that social media has benefited society in huge ways by increase social connections, increasing availability of information, increasing sharing of ideas and creativity and everything else that comes along with it. But is it good for our mental health?

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