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Desert Island Designs

We're all familiar with Desert Island Discs, but here at Elastic we live & breathe design. So what design pieces would we take to a desert island? Read on to find out!

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The Elastic Band In Concert

We're all a bit music-mad here at Elastic, so here are our favourite tunes in Spotify playlist form for getting creative, focussing on your work & waking yourself up.

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How’d You Get Here: Marketing

From leading spelunking trips after uni to running clients' social media accounts, Blair's career has taken some turns. Find out what her tips are for getting into digital marketing and what the best part of the industry is!

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Thinking Part III: Elastic

We bring Elastic thinking to everything we do, from brand strategy to digital marketing and creative buildout. Find out how we can help your brand today!

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Thinking Part I: Scripted

From solving basic problems to generating reflex responses, scripted thinking serves a useful purpose in everyday life. But is it the best way forward?

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eSports: A Big Brand Opportunity

The eSports industry is a multi-million-dollar business, and the time is right for brands to get involved. We can help you find your target audience, no matter who they are.

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Elastic By The Numbers

Elastic is more than just a company- it's a team, a way of thinking & a whole lot of caffeine. Want to get to know us better? Read on!

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Life after GDPR

Pressure to make sure data collection and processing is GDPR-complaint has been building, but GDPR is not quite been the data-pocalypse that was prophesied

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Edinburgh On Film: Our Favourites

With the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Edinburgh is in the spotlight as a major location from the film. This got us chatting about our favourite Edinburgh-set films (and other media), so cue up your Netflix account and get to watching!

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Elastic: The Brand

Curious about how we got our start? Learn about our Elastic approach, our experience & what branding means to us.

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Junk Bonds: Breaking Bad Food Behaviour

Childhood obesity is on the rise and the advertising industry has, in the past, been blamed for promoting unhealthy foods to children. But now the Advertising Standards Authority is launching two new initiatives to review the strict rules in place around advertising HFSS food and drink in the UK. Could it help to break the bad habits of a generation?

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Weaponising Your Wallet

As the gun control debate wears on in the US, social media and the involvement of student survivors is turning the tide, one success at a time. Here in the UK, it can be difficult to parse what's happening in the American gun control debate, as well as what it means for the future of the country.

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Facing Up To Responsibility

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have been thrown into the limelight for all the wrong reasons over the past week concerning a potentially unlawful use of personal data to influence the 2016 US election. But what exactly has happened? And why is it such a big deal?

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social media icons

Creating a Marketing Campaign

The term ‘marketing campaign’ tends to cause a bit of discomfort to anyone who hasn’t done one before. Add in social media to that and things can get a bit hairy. But does everyone know what a marketing campaign actually is?

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Marketing Strategy…Data is the New Digital!

‘Marketing’ these days mainly happens digitally. But what do we mean by this and also the phrase ‘marketing strategy’ ? And how do we deliver business value? What are the central elements that make up the modern marketing strategy?

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notes on a wall

Creating a Brand

A brand is often misunderstood but is essentially the process where you translate your company’s personality into a set of messages (normally thought of us visual but also verbal) that help sell your products or services.

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digital marketing logos in cogs

What is Marketing?

Marketing Week recently released the results of a study that show only a third of businesses understand what marketing is. Considering how important it is to a brand, that number is quite concerning. So what exactly is marketing?

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multi-coloured illustration of lots of heads

Social Media and Mental Health – Help or Hindrance?

There’s no denying that social media has benefited society in huge ways by increase social connections, increasing availability of information, increasing sharing of ideas and creativity and everything else that comes along with it. But is it good for our mental health?

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Kingsford Interior

Kingsford Residence – McDonald Road

Kingsford have built a strong reputation for innovative commercial office workspaces and this is their first foray into residential properties. It was our job to translate all of their brand ethos, values and assets into this new web project.

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This italian resort located in Umbria encompasses Atognolla Castle & Golf Course. Working with their team we developed a website which is designed to build interest in their planned private holiday properties that will be developed over a 4 year period.

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Elastic Top 10s

Being a creative bunch we all love culture - here’s the team’s favourite page-turners, binged box sets and playlists created.

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New St James Centre CGI

Edinburgh Part 3 – Is it too late to remove the twirly bit?

In my two earlier blogs I discussed how brilliant I believe Edinburgh is including some examples of what I felt were great developments. Recently there has been some controversy surrounding where some felt Edinburgh was headed with their choice of developments including the St James Centre project.

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Quartermile development edinburgh

Edinburgh Part 2 – Architectural Excellence

In my previous blog I detailed why I thought Edinburgh was the best city in the world but that it’s World Heritage Status was seen as under scrutiny. One development that seems to be getting the most attention is the redevelopment of the St James Centre.

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Ali Kelly

Me, Myself and I – Ali Kelly

With anything creative, standing out from the crowd is vital, questions such as, ‘what value can I add to an organisation?’ & ‘what sort of working environment do I want to work in?’ become recurring thoughts and with time, become more and more crucial to respond to.

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Boyd Cunningham

Me, Myself & I – Boyd Cunningham

The brief set by Elastic Creative ‘Me, Myself & I’ required me as young designer and soon to be new graduate, to delve into my own personality in order to then express that in my new brand identity and animation piece.

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Christmas 2014

An Elastic Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching it’s that time of year when you start to collect your thoughts and reflect for a moment on how you got here. Recently we took time to go further back and reminisce about previous years and some favourite celebrations in motion.

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Santa pointing at blog

Christmas Advertising: Does it work?

It’s November. The Edinburgh Christmas Festival is under construction, there’s been an afternoon of Christmas tunes on the Elastic Sonos already, and the Christmas Adverts are about to go live. So much effort and money is poured into campaigns to encourage us to part with our hard earned cash – but other than providing a bit of entertainment, does Christmas advertising actually work?

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DJCAD students

Working with DJCAD Part 4 – Final Presentations

Elastic travelled to Dundee recently to view the final presentations for the 4th Year Design Students project - Brand Yourself. We were very impressed with the overall quality and level of thought and execution - they all put the effort into going on their own brand journey and have survived to tell the tale.

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colourful font image

ColorFont Me Impressed

Adobe are pushing Fontself’s new ColorFonts quite hard this week, and rightfully so. In their latest venture they’ve given us typefaces that have colour built in their very bones; and I love them.

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DJCAD building

Working with DJCAD Part 1 – Setting Briefs in Motion

Each year we set a design project with the 4th Year Design students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee. We’ve just started this year’s project and as aways look forward to seeing what the students of 2017 produce.

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The Elastic Team

Getting to know Elastic – Part 1

In part one of our interview with Danae Wessman, we talk about the different skills that make up Elastic, our international clients, and how we get the audience's attention.

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Balanced stones

Tipping points and long tails

Alex looks at a couple of digital zeitgeist moments: when do things become irreversible, and how many small sales can collectively eclipse your big sales items.

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Various Emojis

Branding is personality

Personality is what gives life to a person, and what makes them unique. It's also what makes your brand stand out from your competitors.

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Trades Hall

Old foundations, new surroundings

The beautiful buildings in Glasgow's Merchant City have long left their original purposes behind, and instead serve to make it a bustling, vibrant part of Glasgow's city centre.

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Breaking barriers

Amongst all of the things you can credit 'Better Call Saul' for, one of the most important is the way in which they’ve handled mental health issues.

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Sonic and Dr Robotnik in-game footage

Has games marketing moved backwards?

The 'show, don't tell' approach is incredibly important when marketing interactive media such as games. Unfortunately, I feel that it's an area in which the gaming industry has moved backwards.

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Stick man image displaying customer satisfaction

Aw Shucks…

Elastic’s job is to deliver great results for our clients. At first glance it would appear that these results speak for themselves. However, there is always a story behind the statistics involving the people we work with and it is the strength of these relationships that creates the success. Listening, exploring and collaborating deliver great results.

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Film to TV image

Components of the title sequence

Packed into a table seat, my elbow trying its best to bend the glass in the window, I slipped my laptop clumsily out from my backpack that was wedged firmly between my legs.

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