Did You Know? Edition 05

In the latest edition of our Did You Know blog series we take a look at two rival tech companies as two rival films hit the big screen.

X Marks… the What?

Twitter has a name change and rebrand. Owner Elon Musk has changed the name from Twitter to X and gone is the famous blue bird logo we’ve known since Twitter’s launch in 2006. In its place is a new white “X” on a black background, this seems to be all part of the plan Elon Musk has to create a super app called X. This isn’t the only change coming to the social site; gone are “tweets” as they are now called “X’s”. Which means we can no longer utter the phrase I’m going to “tweet” about it instead I’m going to “x’ about it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. What do you think of the removal of the bird logo and the name change?

Read more about the rebrand here 

The Barbenheimer Effect

Friday 21st of July 2023 saw the release of two of 2023’s biggest movies Barbie & Oppenheimer. Both broke multiple opening weekend records. The opening weekend isn’t what surprised us. It was the marketing build-up for both movies. Coined Barbenheimer the internet went wild pitting Barbie against Oppenheimer viewers with people booking double features to go see one film after the other. The world has turned pink with Barbie’s marketing team taking over the fashion industry with brands such as Zara, crocs and more doing collaborations. Margo Robbie the film’s lead has been seen worldwide on the pink carpet wearing Barbie’s most iconic looks and popping up all over cinemas is a massive Barbie box so you can be Barbie for an Instagram post.

Have you had your photo taken?
Is this Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece?

Threads: is it here to stay?

When Meta launched its brand new app Threads on the 5th of July 2023 it saw an influx of users in its first weekend. It was fun, fresh and looked to be a new wave of social media. A place without ads, without experts telling you how to monetise and grow on threads. A few weeks later the app has seen a nearly 82% decline in daily active users. With this decline to 8 million daily users from 40 million daily users on July 7th it begs the question is Threads here for the long haul or was it just a fad?

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