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We’re focused on creating, building and amplifying commercially successful brands to support our clients’ business growth journeys.

We’re focused on creating, building and amplifying commercially successful brands to support our clients’ business growth journeys.

Brand development

Your brand is your most valuable business asset. Your brand is the way people feel about your business. It has the power to build belief and pride in your team, and belief and loyalty in your target customers. We will help you to define your brand purpose and proposition and use these good foundations to create a compelling brand that wins hearts and minds and gets people talking.


Rebranding can revitalize a company’s image, attract new customers, and better align with its evolved mission, values, and offerings. It allows a business to differentiate itself, reposition in the market, and communicate a fresh identity that resonates with its target audience. When executed strategically, rebranding can drive growth and profitability.

Brand websites

Your website sets the first impression of your brand, establishes trust and builds your credibility. Good website design immerses visitors in your brand experience, enhances understanding of your products or services, improves search engine rankings and boosts brand engagement. In combination with digital marketing, your website is an influential marketing tool.

Brand activation

To ensure your brand makes contact with your ideal clients or future talent, we create memorable and engaging brand experiences. From digital advertising campaigns designed to drive emotional engagement and brand awareness, to exhibition and event activations that stand out, our solutions capture attention and inspire action. We craft immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Brand video and motion design

Video and motion design captivates audiences by simplifying complex ideas, enhancing engagement, and triggering emotions. They boost retention, with viewers remembering much more of the message conveyed in a video versus text. Versatile and shareable, they extend content reach across platforms, making them powerful marketing and communication assets.

Brand spaces

Interior and exterior spaces are fantastic opportunities to reflect and reinforce a brand’s identity, values, and personality. For visitors, these spaces become a tangible manifestation of the brand’s promise, resonating long after their visit. But more importantly, for employees, these environments foster a strong sense of team spirit and pride, nurturing a deep connection to the brand they represent.

"We were very impressed with the creative from Elastic. It was exactly what we wanted. The team has been brilliant to work with."

Pete Miller - ETB

“Elastic have seamlessly guided us through the whole process, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the brand and technical elements, whilst also producing beautiful content that reflected the world-class quality of the club and appealed to individuals who are seeking rare and unique experiences."

Claire Bruce - The Carnegie Club

"We interviewed Lauren and Guy and were immediately impressed by their understanding of what we wanted to achieve and that working with Elastic would be an inclusive and collaborative experience involving staff, management team and existing clients."

Stuart Yeatman - Vercity

“The Elastic team are a powerhouse of creativity, professionalism, they understand what is happening culturally and how a business can tap into that. Having worked with various marketing companies for many years I have found them exceptional. Challenging the status quo, recommending change at the foundation - in order to harness greater strength of brand - Elastic were bold and saw things from the customers’ perspective.”

Sarah Woodcock - HSPC

"Through the initial Brand-id workshop, which was effortlessly facilitated by Lauren and her team, Elastic really understood our market, our aspirations as a business and they really got our personality too. Elastic nailed the brand concept first time."

Fraser Edmond - Broker Insights

“It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Elastic. They are very professional and efficient and their design work is excellent. Elastic engaged all partners in the process of the brand development and web design to great effect. We are all very happy with the final outcome achieved.”

Louise Trow - Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage

“Throughout this process we have found Elastic to be responsive, patient and extremely supportive."

Trish Tougher - NHS Lanarkshire

"The brand ID workshop was relaxed and creative, and flowed easily, and we were delighted with the concept that Elastic presented to us following it. We felt they had really understood our ideas, aims and direction."

Fiona Armstrong Director, The Next Chapter

"We ended up with branding which was much more authentic to our company than we’d had before, packaging which elevated our product and presented it cleverly and gorgeously, and a beautiful website which has had loads of brilliant feedback ever since!"

Hannah Evans - Cake Stories

"Our new brand identity is refreshingly different, energetic, modern - but also respectful of our 170 year old heritage."

Richard MacDonald - Keppie

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