5 Reasons your business should have a blog section

One of the most regular questions we get asked as a marketing and branding agency is why does our business need a blog? You may be an innovative technology company or a tourist attraction wondering what benefit there is – well, there are many.

Drives Traffic To Your Website

Not only can a blog section on your website promote your services and products to potential customers, but having it can also drive more traffic.

Blogs are a great way to optimise your website for search engines. Every time you create and publish a blog post not only does it show search engines your website is active it is also one more opportunity for you to show up in search results through creating SEO-driven organic content.

Blogs Can Help Convert Traffic Into Leads

Along with a multichannel marketing strategy creating a blog section with regularly scheduled posts is a great opportunity to potentially generate new leads. All you have to do is add a lead-generating call to action to every post.

You’ve probably been in a situation where you head to Google to search a specific query and you end up in the blog section of a brand who are experts in their field. Once you’ve read the blog, you might click through to their services or project pages, which ends up resulting in a purchase or getting in contact with the brand. This is how brands track leads and a blog is a great way to encourage engagement with your brand.

Thought leadership

It allows you to share your knowledge and expertise. Your blogs should be strategic and add value to your website. You may be answering a question or solving a problem your audience is potentially searching for and when your blog comes up in the search results more eyes are on your website. By sharing advice, solving a common issue or sharing industry knowledge you are showing potential customers you are trustworthy and experts in your field.

Maximise your blog results.

Creating uniquely engaging content every week for your website is a great way to populate your social media channels with additional content. Promoting your blog across social channels not only boosts its chances of being read but also entices your followers to click through and read your full blog post, therefore, gaining more engagement on your website.

When it comes to blog content every time you produce a new post you are not only creating a piece of content that can be shared on social media. You can also break the content into bitesize chunks of content for your social media maximising the most potential from your blog.

Helps Share News

Another added benefit of blogging for a business of any size is it allows you to share company news and stories. While strategic blogs are key you can also have fun with blogging and share news from within your business.

Have an upcoming event? Or even want to recap a previous event. Write about it on your blog. Hired a new member of staff? Share the update on your blog not only does sharing company news add personality and a human element to your posts it also builds a relationship with your audience.

Through well-thought-out strategic blogs, you can maximise the potential of your business by creating engaging content that will bring viewers to your website, help you build a relationship with customers or potential customers and show you are an expert in your field.
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