A new brand name for a new era of growth


Behind the transformation

HCP, as the business was then known, appointed Elastic to drive a large-scale rebrand to reflect their capabilities and all that they stand for, with a more meaningful, fresh new brand experience that would empower the team as they prepared to enter new markets. The process began with research of the marketplace, of the competition, of internal and client perceptions. Fuelled by this valuable insight, the brand workshop brought together key decision-makers to develop a new brand proposition that would become the brief for the creative development of the brand. The team embraced the recommendation of a new evocative name and the whole new brand experience received an exceptionally positive reception both internally and externally. Elastic continues to support Vercity’s brand development and communications.

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Vercity Brand Logos Positve and Positive Reversed
In support of our long-term business goals as asset managers, we decided that it was time to refresh our brand and online presence. We interviewed Lauren and Guy and were immediately impressed by their understanding of what we wanted to achieve and that working with Elastic would be an inclusive and collaborative experience involving staff, management team and existing clients. This process directly informed our new brand, demonstrating a clear bridge from our past to our future. The unveiling of the Vercity brand was an exciting moment. The new brand was warmly welcomed by shareholders, colleagues and clients. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Elastic to support our website and digital marketing campaigns.
Stuart Yeatman

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