A new brand identity for the new state-of-the-art hospital for Lanarkshire

NHS Lanarkshire New University Hospital Monklands

Behind the transformation

NHS Lanarkshire has an exciting and positive vision for the future of the brand new University Hospital Monklands and the wider community it serves. Extensive collaboration between the Monklands Replacement Project team, the public, staff, and partner organisations will culminate in the opening of Scotland’s most advanced hospital. Elastic joined the MRP team to brand this state-of-the-art campus and provide creative and digital support as the brand engages with the community.

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Fiona Cowan, MRP Clinical Lead – Nursing

“In particular we have benefited from the following aspects that Elastic have brought to the team:

Strategic Approach

Elastic take a strategic approach tailored to our unique needs. They have and continue to analyse our existing marketing efforts, identifying gaps, and proposing effective solutions.

Measurable Results

We have seen tangible results within a short period. Their data-driven approach ensures we can track progress effectively.

Responsive and Collaborative

The team at Elastic are always responsive and open to feedback. They actively collaborate with the project team, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Increased Online Brand Visibility

The Elastic team created a new project website, optimised content, and implemented successful SEO strategies. As a result, our online visibility has improved, leading to more organic traffic and better search engine rankings.

Engaging Social Media Campaigns

Elastic have also created engaging social media campaigns that resonate with our audience. Their content is not only informative but also visually appealing, driving user engagement and brand awareness and importance of our project.”

As part of my role for the Monklands Replacement Project team I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Elastic and I can confidently say that their brand expertise and dedication has positively impacted our communication and engagement with our patients, staff and local population.
Fiona Cowan, MRP Clinical Lead - Nursing
University Hospital Monklands, NHS Lanarkshire

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