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Your brand value directly affects your business’s ability to achieve its objectives. Your brand will support and develop the relationship you have with your customers. Good foundations are as essential to brand building, as they are to your on-going marketing strategy. As a marketing consultancy agency, based in Edinburgh, Elastic will connect you with your audience.

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Unite your business objectives with your brand messaging.

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Give your brand more pulling power.

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Add value and protect the strength of your brand.

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The brand identity is the standard bearer by which all else is measured.

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The elements used to communicate the personality of your company or organisation.

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Your business objectives

Brand strategy should align and integrate with your business plan – your business objectives should drive what you do and why you do it.

‘Design Thinking’ is about planning for a desired outcome – this could be increased awareness, increased revenue or a combination of the two. It could be part of a general brand repositioning in reaction to a change or potential future change in market conditions. Longer term brand evolution is crucial for maintaining and increasing business value. Your business strategy should consider marketing and brand at the outset and your whole decision-making team should be involved here, ideally in a workshop scenario.

A well defined strategy

A well-defined marketing strategy will, at its core, have a long-term plan which allows a brand to develop and evolve.

Driving this strategy is a purpose – what you stand for, why you are unique and ultimately what your goals are. Everyone likes a good story; for generations, stories have been told and passed on. Memorable stories are those that are genuine and relatable – they speak to those gut feelings we all have about the world and what’s in it. We all have our own genuine story to tell but how do you make it interesting and convincing? – that’s what separates the ordinary from the remarkable! And it isn’t just about creating any old story just for the sake of it. It must speak to who you are and what you are doing – it must communicate clearly and concisely why someone should pay attention to your company and its products or services. It should capture a customer’s imagination but also be easily understood.

Brand framework

Once you have established your brand framework you must then be vigilant with consistency; consistent in your approach, your tone of voice and the look and feel you apply to your messaging.

At the same time leaving room for adapting to the dynamic evolving environment around us. Region to region and country to country – cultural shifts and nuances should be observed so that while your central message remains intact you can respond to any differences that may exist.

Brand loyalty

All of your brand efforts, over time, should build brand loyalty – you want people to like your product – become fans of your product and then to like it so much that they become brand advocates.

They will recommend you to others because not only are you great but you make every effort to always be great. This element will help you remain competitive as your top competitors will certainly all be attempting to do exactly the same thing. Success comes with incredible effort and diligence but getting it right at the start can allow you to arrive there earlier and maximise all of the possibilities available. This is why a brand strategy should always be at the heart of any innovative business and marketing plan.

Engage your audience with Elastic

Whether you are looking to increase your brand value through longer-term strategic re-positioning or through a marketing campaign, Elastic’s business services will help you deliver return on investment in line with your corporate strategy.

It’s absolutely key that brand and marketing are built into a company’s development at the earliest possible stage. This will assure that all elements are aligned, right from the beginning, to produce the strongest proposition and the highest ROI. It can even help with business direction and product definition.

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A long term plan allowing your brand to develop and evolve.

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