Brand Assets

All branding projects begin with a workshop that produces outcomes that help to first build a set of mood boards which would establish brand elements including a colour palette, fonts and type of photography or illustration to be used to communicate the personality of the company or organisation.


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From this a set of brand assets are created; most often the first and most important brand asset is the Brand Identity. Further to this we then surround this and build supporting visuals used to provide more depth to the overall brand story. These brand assets can include photography where considerations include the type of lighting and typical content; will it for example be mostly about people in action or will it be object based or a mixture of the two.


Photography is a powerful and evocative way of helping build the personality and we’ve used many styles over the years to convey different feelings, emotions and messages.


Illustration is another very useful element that can be incorporated to depict more impressionistic or imaginative concepts and messages.
Often illustrative elements can also be combined with photography for compelling results.

Motion, Animation & Film

Motion, animation and film can simplify more complex messages and be used in place of text or words.

There are many other areas that can be employed such as
physical items; mascots or characters that support your Brand and can add another dimension with a bit of fun and the touchy feely. For example The Churchill insurance company’s bulldog is a character that has been used as a mascot – this is a brand asset. The Marvel Brand, that began life as a comics publisher often used its characters as mascots or even ambassadors – the most famous and often used was Spiderman – this for marvel when used in promotion is a brand asset.

Whatever is used they all need to adhere to a central script that provide core brand consistency while allowing each to be flexible enough that they can adjust and respond to varied environments and opportunities. If you’re looking to build a brand contact us now.

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