Elastic Thinking

Everything’s changing at such a head spinning rate. Your brand needs to be more flexible, more adaptable, more responsive than ever. Not just to keep up, but to keep ahead of the pack. This is where our magnificently bendy creative approach comes in. Clever creative thinking and an elasticated approach that stretches your budget further. And makes your customers putty in your hands.

As a creative agency, we can inspire your brand with our stretchy creative thinking. It’s how we help you stand out.

How you maximise your brand appeal across all of your marketing channels online and offline.

Whatever size you are, whatever sector you’re in, whoever your audience is.

From engaging digital design and film content, to effective SEO, social media, and digital marketing strategy.

From branding workshops that help you define who you are, to showing off who you are in public in print, online, at exhibitions and, well, absolutely anywhere else you want your brand to be seen.

Creative thinking is at the heart of everything we do.

What’s creativity really all about?

It’s all about problem solving. Einstein, no slouch when it came to thinking, said ‘creativity is intelligence having fun.’ Which we think is perfect because while everyone loves the fun bit – the end product like stunning brand design, engaging video content and so on, it only serves a purpose in our world when based on intelligent business thinking.

Which should be equally creative in its approach.

And by that we mean your marketing agency (i.e. us) generating a unique, imaginative, creative solution to your business problem. It’s looking at what you do and how you do it in new and original ways.

Helping you discover what it is about what you do that makes you unique.

Because the success of any business comes down to offering something new and persuading people that it’s just right for them.

More creative thinking means you can uncover what that is about you and maximise all the potential opportunities, catching your audience’s attention – and holding it.

Why Elasticated creative thinking is important?

Creative thinking can solve your business challenges, bring your team closer together, grow customer loyalty and have a very positive effect on your bottom line.

As a branding and marketing agency, we employ creative thinking from the off with every single client.

It all starts with our brand workshop where we identify your specific problems or challenges as a business.

The output of these brand workshops and brand design sessions establishes the personality of your brand.

It identifies your attributes and personality. Creates a distinctive, compelling and flexible language of words, imagery and experiences.

And it feeds the creative thinking which could ultimately result in some of or all of the following, depending on where your company is currently at.

You company or product name, your brand logo, your online customer experience, your signage and branded interior, advertising and PR activity.

Thinking about your brand in a new and different way at the early stages of its development means you’ll reap more benefits down the line.

It’s at this stage we think about how amazing brand design can we fire the imagination of your audience.

How innovative, creative branding can give people something different. Something to talk about with their friends and spread the word.

How smarter, more thorough research can deliver better results.

We will never just jump straight into to designing logos and choosing favourite colours and fonts.

Your brand is a great deal bigger than that. It’s the key to attracting and keeping more customers, so it pays to think more creatively. It deserves nothing less.

By thinking differently and thinking more creatively we can help make your brand more memorable, more effective and more successful.

By thinking differently we can give your brand story more power. Identifying your attributes and personality, we create a distinctive, compelling and flexible language of words, imagery and experiences.

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