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Whether you’re developing a new product or service or looking to rebrand a current one, you’ll want to get your team and your customers engaged and excited by the proposition.

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The value of a Brand-id workshop and proposition guide.

Anyone communicating your brand, either internally and externally, should understand your brand proposition, tone of voice, personality and key messages. They should be able to describe your brand consistently and effectively in just a few compelling sentences. They need a simple and memorable guide to help them do this.

Our half day brand workshop and brand design session brings together your key stakeholders to discuss and agree on these key fundamentals. Getting this early stakeholder input and buy-in maximises the effectiveness of brand roll-out further down the line. A brand workshop can also help define business objectives and underpin business strategy.

Who should attend?

Although this depends on the scale of your business but we recommend a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people.

Your stakeholders are the people who care most about the success of the business and have valuable insights to bring to the table. This often includes Owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Department, Marketing Directors and Customer Service Directors.

Where does the workshop take place?

We have a dedicated workshop space here at Elastic to help you get away from distractions and relax – but we can also come to you.

What will be achieved within the workshop?

The workshop is designed to bring your stakeholders together in agreement, whilst enjoying a relaxed environment.

We begin the half day session by putting ourselves in the shoes of your target audience types – to understand their viewpoint and establish who the brand is talking to. We’ll discuss your business objectives. From here we build a picture of their current perceptions and your desired customer perceptions for the brand to deliver against objectives. By the end of the session we will have developed your brand personality and gathered all the information we need to build the proposition.

The resulting stakeholder-approved brand positioning document provides clear direction for your team.

Outside the workshop, we take the findings back to the studio to craft a succinct Brand-id report. This document:

• Sets out your customer profiles and matches your brand to their needs
• Establishes your brand personality and attitude
• Sets the tone of voice for your brand
• Provides the brand proposition
• Informs brand communication strategy
• Develops a list of compelling truths to use when talking about the brand
• Informs creative thinking
• Acts as a brief to anyone communicating the brand
• Provides your brand ‘boilerplate’ – a single compelling paragraph which you can use to describe your brand in a nutshell

Describing your brand consistently and effectively in just a few compelling sentences.

Positive influence

The Brand-id document can align the members of your team and your partners around a clear brand vision and give them a sense of pride in the products and services they are delivering.

It also provides us with the brief we require to start the creative thinking process. How can we now bring this brand to life in words, images and experiences which help you attract and retain the right kind of customers and employees. The creative team will find the right ways to capture their imagination and help you stand out from the competition – flexible creative concepts which allow you to reach your audience on multiple relevant channels.

Supporting digital strategy

Our digital marketing team will also use the Brand-id to build a marketing strategy which will bring the right customers to your website, interact with your customers via social media channels and grab their attention via digital advertising. Online, we have the perfect opportunity to immerse your customers in your brand experience and measure their interaction.

Elastic will research, plan, implement, monitor and measure the performance of your strategy – giving you real time visibility of how your brand is resonating with your audience.

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