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Your brand assets are all the elements of your brand that make it recognisable and different. And the more distinctive all these core elements are, the stronger your brand will be. And the stronger your brand is, the more likely it will be picked out of the pack by customers. So getting all these individual assets right is very important. Outstanding assets means you’ll stand out.

Everything starts with a branding workshop. It’s here we investigate, examine, inspect and question. Working with you we get under the hood of your brand and establish what you’re all about and what makes you different. Then using all the outcomes from that session, we get to work building a set of mood boards. These establish some of your most important brand assets like colour palette, fonts and initial thoughts on photography and illustration styles.

All the key elements that you can use to communicate your personality and brand values to the world. From this we move on to your most important brand asset – your brand identity. We then surround this with supporting visuals which provide more depth to your overall brand story, including these key assets.


We’ll help you define what style suits your brand best. Ensuring it reflects your values and it’s consistent wherever you use it. Photography is a powerful and evocative way of helping to build your brand and demonstrate your personality. We can show you and talk you through some of the many styles we’ve used to convey different feelings, emotions and messages.


This can be another elastic, distinctive element for your brand and an asset that you can have tailored to fit you perfectly. Again, there’s a huge range of styles and techniques that we can explore with you. Whether used standalone, or alongside your photography, we’ll help you develop this brand asset into something compelling and distinctive.

Motion, Animation & Film

The world of online content in particular is now dominated by video. Our creative team can develop motion, animation and film assets that reflect your brand and will help you convey your messages across a host of different media.

Other assets

We love exploring what else you can add to your brand toolkit to help you stand out and give you a real point of difference.

If appropriate, that could be the development of a character that represents your brand. Something, or someone, who your can add another dimension and a bit of fun. Like The Churchill bulldog, or the Compare The Market meerkat. Both long running, hugely recognisable brand assets.

Whatever becomes part of your brand asset toolkit, we’ll make sure that you can always maintain your core brand consistency – whilst also having the flexibility to adjust and respond to what’s going on in your industry and the wider world.

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Whatever is used they should adhere to a central script that provide core brand consistency while allowing each to be flexible enough to work across any media.

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