Brand building, brainstorming & biscuits

You’ve got an exciting new business or a fantastic new product to share with the world. Or you feel your business needs a boost and want to get everyone enthused and fired up. We’d love to help. Our Brand-id workshops help you define exactly who you are as a business and what you’re all about. So everyone you want to engage with will get excited about what you’re doing too.

Our half day brand workshop and brand design session brings together your key stakeholders over quality coffee and good biscuits. The purpose is simple. It’s all about defining your brand properly. Because if you’re not able to succinctly get over what it is that makes you unique, then no one else will get it. Brainstorming with the crucial people in your business, we work through a series of key fundamentals for your brand. Who you’re talking to. How you’re perceived by these people.

What it is about you that’s different. Your personality, values and attributes, and key messages. It’s the cornerstone for building your brand and all the marketing communications that go with that. Anyone communicating your brand, either internally or externally, should be able to describe your brand consistently and effectively in just a few short, compelling sentences. Our Brand-id workshop and proposition guide helps you do just that.

Who should come along?

We always say a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people for some creative brainstorming.

And when we say ‘stakeholders’, we mean the people most involved in creating the strategy for success in your business. This usually means owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Department, Marketing Directors and Customer Service Directors – all of whom have valuable insights to bring to the table.

Getting their input and buy-in early means you can build a better agreed brand strategy. It means your brand workshop can also help define business objectives and underpin business strategy.

Where does it take place?

Most clients come here and use our dedicated workshop space. Getting out of the everyday office environment helps foster different thinking with less distractions. But we can also come to you.

What will be achieved on the day?

We begin the half-day session by putting ourselves in the shoes of your target audience. That way we can better understand them. Their challenges. Their needs. And pinpoint who your brand is talking to.

We’ll discuss your business objectives and how you see yourselves, and how you want others to see you. By the end of the session we will have established your brand personality and attributes. Gathering all the information we need to build your unique proposition.

We’ll put all this together in a Brand-id report – a document that will be your bible when it comes to brand positioning. Everyone in your team can refer to it and keep in mind what makes you special.

Your Brand-id report contains:

  • Your customer profiles and how your brand can match their needs
  • Establishes your brand personality and attitude
  • Sets the tone of voice for your brand
  • Provides the brand proposition
  • Informs brand communication strategy
  • Develops a list of compelling truths to use when talking about the brand
  • Informs creative thinking
  • Acts as a brief to anyone communicating the brand
  • Provides your brand ‘boilerplate’ – a single compelling paragraph which you can use to describe your brand in a nutshell

One clear, single vision

The Brand-id document brings clarity to your brand vision and gives your team more than just an understanding of your brand. It also creates a sense of pride and excitement in what you do.

It also gives us what we need to prepare a brief to start the creative thinking process. We can now clearly see what sets you apart, how we can bring your brand to life in words, images and experiences. All of which helps you attract and retain the right kind of customers, and employees too.

Our creative team can now see what makes your audiences tick, and create compelling, engaging creative work, tailored to those needs.

All supported by an elastic digital strategy

Our digital marketing team use your Brand-id to build a marketing strategy to bring the right customers we’ve identified to your site, and how you can attract and interact with them via social media and digital advertising.

And we can then monitor and measure the performance of that strategy – and show you how well your new look and brand is working.

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Describing your brand consistently and effectively in just a few compelling sentences.