Engaging Creative Content

Your story is crafted to persuade, convert and also impress search engines who profile your digital presence through your digital content

Your brand story

Text and keywords convey information, convince users, sell products and attract surfer’s in from popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Quality images and graphics set the scene and communicate faster than words. Sound and vision in the form of video is powerful in forming initial impressions and quickly capturing interest. Content can be, text, images, graphics, sound and vision. These all have the power tell a compelling story.

Deep, engaging content

As a creative agency, Elastic has in depth experience of content production. Our copywriters weave words, impressing both business and consumer customers. We work closely with your business gathering the deep content required to convince users and search engines, of your value. This includes writing and perfecting text for all landing pages and final deep level content pages.

We provide final copy that is fully proofread and optimised for search (SEO). This includes SEO page descriptions, browser title tags, on page header (h1) text and other meta data. Of course for the best performance in search marketing, a dedicated content strategy is required.

A powerful mix of text, visual and audio content to empower your brand.

A powerful mix of text, visual and audio content to empower your brand.

VOX website on computer screen

Content strategy

A content plan looks strategically at your business, your competitors, the market and creates an outline of what content is required, where and when to effectively populate your digital channels. This strategy is strictly business led and matched to key target user groups. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are set and must be met. Unique page views are a softer KPI whilst an increase in leads or products sold would be a harder value.

Once content is produced and channels populated, it should then be marketed to reap the highest return on investment. Content marketing can take place over a number of areas, including posting to social media accounts, paying to promote content through advertising and through email marketing.

Beautiful sound and vision

We work closely with photographers to create the quality images required to lead your content pages. These are then optimised for all devices so that page load times are efficient and so that they perform well in search marketing. Our roots are in brand and graphic design therefore visuals are innovative, stylish, eye catching and communicative.

Elastic produces its own video and film content in house, occasionally working with external cameramen. We’ve had much success with video content marketing for clients including Vox Dundee and NHS Lanarkshire. Using video is a strong, persuasive and educational medium. Different versions of the same message can be cut to suit whichever channel the content is being placed. Content must provide value for your business. Through creating a powerful mix of text, visual and audio content, Elastic will empower your brand.

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