Space Exploration

Your beautiful, brilliant elastic brand can and should live everywhere. Online, on the page, on the telly or radio, on phones, buses, tea towels and in your own space. The place in which you live and breathe that brand. Or spaces where you’re showing off your wares. Making your brand work harder in physical spaces isn’t just aesthetically pleasing – it’s essential for consistency and awareness.

More inspiring Interiors

How your brand works in your office is often overlooked once you get past reception or the boardroom. But as most of us spend, on average, 8 hours every day in an office or business space of some description, what surrounds us is really important. Interior design has a proven track record in improving productivity and positivity. Happiness and wellbeing. Your interior design directly influences the environment that you create.

Clients and customers that visit you should come away with the right impression – the one you’d want them to form when interacting with your brand anywhere else.

Is your space bright and breezy, dark and serious or sloppy and uncared for? Considering, altering, improving the interior design of your office space is something our team of designers can help you with. So you don’t just make a better impression with guests, but make life more inspiring for your team too.

More interesting signage

The application of your brand should also extend to your signage. We often talk about your website home page as your virtual shop window to the world, well your actual shop window or signage is just as important. Having signage that reflects your brand attributes is crucial to the overall impression in terms of building trust and confidence in your clients or customers.

Whatever your signage project we strive to think outside the box to find something different or memorable, something that is appropriate to your brand. From neon through to giant sails or more traditional wood, metal or acrylic substrates we’ll be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Elastic can manage your requirements from concepts through to production and installation. Making sure you get a co-hesive presentation of your brand and a top quality product delivered on time and within budget.

Utilising the right mix of channels we help your brand reach, interact and affect your audience, wherever they are.

Brightsolid interior

Utilising the right mix of channels we help your brand reach, interact and affect your audience, wherever they are.

More exciting exhibitions

If your business is attending trade or networking events, you know you will need some kind of cubicle or table. A presence to catch the interest and draw in potential customers or clients. A lot of companies just settle for standard, off the shelf solutions. They don’t do much to differentiate themselves from their competitors, or see these events as a chance to show off their brand and tell their brand story.

Take time to consider your options and you’ll be amazed at how you can bring your brand to life and create a stunning, eye catching stand or stall which will attract more attention to you. We can help you choose different textures, colours and materials to expand your brand vocabulary in new and exciting ways.

Utilising the right mix of channels, we will help your brand reach, interact and engage with your audience, wherever they are. And when done well, when you get it right, rebranding your interior and exhibition spaces are a sound investment that can last many years.

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