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The whole world has gone digital. Almost every part of our lives now has a digital interaction if we want one. So of course, that’s where you should be to reach more customers. Does that mean there’s no place left for dear old printed materials? Does it heck. The internet doesn’t kill off mediums like print. We just use them differently.

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Carnegie Club printed collateral
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Print continues to have a place in the marketing mix. Why? We’re glad you asked.

It can add a meaningful extra dimension

Something tangible, that you can touch and hold. A luxurious intelligible item to take time over. It’s more engaging and meaningful to give prospective clients a tangible introduction or reminder of your brand  and you can hand out at events and conferences.

Promotional Flyers

Promotional flyers can be handed out on the street and are great for getting a quick message across. They can also be used as direct mail, inserted into newspapers or given away at a tradeshow. Usually a cost effective method of production, especially if you have regular weekly or even daily requirements. You can produce one or two sided postcards – A6, A5, A4. Great for the tourism and visitor attraction sector for example, when you’re wandering around a site often useful to have a guide that can easily fit into your pocket, at that size they will also easily slide into literature racks for the public to take away as and when required.

Less is sometimes more

There’s certainly less printed marketing material about these days. So when you see it, or feel it, it grabs your attention. People spend a lot of time online, where it’s increasingly noisy and busy, and so now actively enjoy being away from screen and consuming relevant information in a different way.

It drives people online

Rather than existing as an alternative to digital marketing, it should be seen as something that complements and encourages digital interactions. Over 47% of consumers are most likely to start an online search after viewing a magazine ad. So actually it’s another clever way of getting people to interact more with your brand and buy your products and services

It works

Four-fifths (79%) of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45% who say they deal with email straight away. We are highly experienced in all things printed, and have the expertise in house to design, specify and manage all your printed marketing requirements. Including:

Annual Reports
Promotional flyers
Direct Mail
Business cards
Compliment slips

The textures and paper quality can enhance your brand, with metallic foils, die cuts, embossing, and spot varnishing all adding to the quality of your print materials.


Printed brochures can help you sell a specific product or service, or provide an excellent overview of your brand. It’s impactful. The photography and design doesn’t have to fit into the size of a mobile phone screen. It has presence. They are shown to have strong recall amongst customers for that very reason.

They can be more targeted. You can physically give one to the exact person you want to convert into a customer. And you have a world of options when it comes to enhancing the quality of your brochure. The textures and paper quality can enhance your brand, with metallic foils, die cuts, embossing, and spot varnishing all adding to the quality of your print materials.

Promotional Flyers

Promotional flyers and leaflets are very cost effective. They’re relatively inexpensive to produce and you can include a lot of information in them. Plus they’re easy to read and come in all shapes and sizes. One or two sided postcards – A6, A5, A4. They can also be used as direct mail, inserted into newspapers or given away at a trade show. They can be even more cost effective if you have regular weekly or even daily requirements. Or if you need to get in front of your customers – at the likes of visitor attractions and need something people can fit into their pockets to take away with them.

Business Stationery

Whether it be business cards, letterheads or compliment slips, we can ensure your brand quality and values are extended into printed business stationery. As with brochures, there are many different levels of finish available that you can apply, including varnishes and embossing, to enhance the quality.

Production Management

Whatever kind of printed marketing material you feel should be part of your marketing mix, we can look after all the production management, to ensure that your project is handled professionally and efficiently. We can help you make decisions about considerations such as paper stock, colour processing and the supply of hi-res files.

If we’re producing larger items such as brochures, then we can arrange a press pass for you so you’re happy with everything before it goes to print. A member of the Elastic team will be available to be on site at the printers as your brochure is being printed. This ensures that any specific colour matching or quality of finish can be maintained from what was specified to what is actually produced. And we always encourage the use of recycled paper wherever possible.

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