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Digital runs through our veins. It’s our lifeblood and inspiration. Covering everything from web design, mobile, digital strategy and research to user experience and content creation. This is our expertise delivered with passion.

It all begins with a brand workshop and a digital strategy. From here we design, craft and target your unique message to deliver the highest return possible.

A high quality, well designed and usable website is, in most cases, still the base for all this. We’ll take your brand assets and create a beautiful website, all based on an easy to use content management tool. This makes a text edit as simple as clicking ‘update’.

A website which delivers seamlessly over all devices is absolutely essential to modern business.

The foundation of our digital process is strategy and research. Understanding your business, processes and competitors is essential in forming an outstanding digital presence. We research the market in which you operate and form a comprehensive digital plan designed to propel your brand to the next level.

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A world class, intuitive and responsive website is your primary asset in reaching and converting your customers

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All websites must perform seamlessly, on every device, for maximum return on investment

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Detailed research and planning is the foundation of any quality digital strategy

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Customer experience is critical in keeping your prospective clients engaged and primed to convert

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High quality, well written, deep content forms the bedrock of a website that delivers

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You’ll be able to edit your website with ease using our content management system

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A world class, intuitive and responsive website is your primary asset in reaching and converting your customers.

We start with a few questions

  • What are the main competitive keywords for your business in Google?
  • How active are your competitors?
  • What are the current traffic levels to your site?
  • How are your customers finding your site?
  • Would you benefit from using marketing automation and lead identification technologies?

How did you fare? These are all questions we would look into through research.

Return on investment is central to our approach.

Our aim is to transform your digital service delivery, so that it not only covers your investment, but also leads to ever increasing digital revenues.

For this we need a 360 degree view of your business, market and strategy.

Designing a flowing and intuitive user experience for a website is something we excel at here at Elastic.

We will undertake user research and testing to perfect the approach, creating a user journey that will convert customers and drive revenue for your business.

Compelling content is a major part of a convincing, attractive and effective website. Content needs to immediately grab the attention of the customer and provide evidence of the selling proposition.

Elastic will work with your business to source and create compelling, unique digital content that will speak to your customers. We are also experts in the production of strong images and graphics to complement text.

Content needs to not only convince users, but also search engines too!

We will optimise all text so that it also ranks with Google, resulting in high positions for your business in search engine results. We will devise a dynamic search engine optimisation strategy designed to keep your business performing on those crucial key words.

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