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Powerful marketing, through integrated digital channels, designed to maximise return on investment for your brand.

The digital marketing landscape is an increasingly complex world of opportunity for the savvy brand. It’s an environment that needs expert knowledge and precision targeting. As a digital agency, based in Edinburgh, Elastic generate bookings, leads, purchases and sign ups, through a mix of digital marketing technologies, selected for each separate campaign and use case.

Search engine optimisation & marketing is the bedrock of a digital marketing strategy.

Google and to a lesser extent, Bing, provide a very high level of traffic to most websites. It’s important to make sure your website is maximised to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Search is the most important digital marketing resource for acquiring traffic and eyeballs to your site.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms are still the newer kids on the block within the online arena. These tools are very cost effective ways of reaching different audiences and demographics. They are part of what is termed ‘earned media’, in that value and return on investment is earned rather than bought, for example.

Elastic provide social media management services and strategies that are dynamic, creative and effective.

Digital advertising and PPC are a strong part of ‘bought’ media. Digital advertising involves banner or display advertising, pay per click advertising and social media advertising. These services drive customer acquisition and require detailed set-up, including monitoring, for maximum return on investment.

Email marketing, is a powerful tool for customer retention and in generating loyalty. Email is one of the very original digital channels and remains effective to this day. It’s strong when used for re-marketing and in reminding customers of new products and services.

Elastic run an enterprise level email marketing software tool which allows clients to compose, send and track email messages at a low cost. Email marketing sits under the banner of ‘owned media’ where the client has total control of messaging and placement. When managed well it can form a strong part of an overall digital strategy.

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The beauty of digital is that it is completely trackable and that return on investment can be evaluated and attributed with precision.

Digital analytics & reporting play a central role in overseeing the ultimate success of any digital campaign or strategy. The beauty of digital is that it is completely trackable and that return on investment can be evaluated and attributed with precision.

It’s important to agree what the key performance indicators (KPIs) are and also client expectations on success. Elastic use a number of tools to track digital activity including Google Analytics, Google Webmasters Tools, Google Adwords, Advanced Web Rankings, SEM Rush, Geckboard and various tools to monitor lead identification.

We like to provide immediate real time access for a client to their key performance indicators through dashboards like Geckoboard and then back this up with in depth monthly reports.

Marketing automation is a newer technology within the digital marketing space. It helps marketeers send out targeted messaging based on a customer’s profile or actions and also provides real time intelligence on activity. Elastic have experience with a number of leading marketing automation solutions.

Lead identification technology lets companies know exactly who is visiting their website, where they have come from and which pages they have viewed. This is crucial intelligence to feed targeted digital campaigns. It’s important, too, for sales teams following up on leads.

Elastic work with leading edge lead identification products including Canddi and Ruler Analytics. These tools are not full blown suites like Hubspot or Marketo but specialist products working alongside our other ‘best in class’ digital marketing tools.

Canddi provides a broad approach in this field, combining pure IP identification and also cookie based tracking to provide insights into people, devices and companies. Increasingly, lead nurturing and identification alongside marketing automation are beginning to provide that elusive ‘single customer view’.

Ultimately, the bottom line is about return on investment. Any digital campaign must deliver more than was invested.

We are proud to have this philosophy at the core of everything we do and aim to deliver returns that outstrip client expectations.

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