Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is about intelligently using technology to manage multiple online channels and improve your return on digital investment.

Let the robots do the work!

Here at Elastic we’ve built up a range of experience within marketing automation. We use lead identification, lead nurturing, lead assignment, analytics, email marketing and digital advertising scheduling software, amongst others.

Here are some examples of marketing automation:

  • Website content that changes depending on the user profile
  • Asking users questions based on the way they browse a website
  • Social media content
  • Email alerts identifying companies visiting your website
  • Placing a value or a score on persons visiting your website
  • Automated lead assignment
  • Lead nurturing
  • Tracking of web visits and use of marketing content
  • Monitoring of user behavior on connected digital platforms
  • We miss you emails
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Digital advertising scheduling

Technology to manage multiple online channels & improve your return on digital investment

Campaign and Digital Intelligence (CANDDi)

Digital marketing suites including Hubspot and Marketo are commonly used for maketing automation and managing multiple digital platforms. Tools like these include the ability to create websites, emails, store sign-ups and track leads all in one login. At Elastic, we prefer to manage digital each digital asset separately using best of breed tools that talk to each other. We feel more value is obtained for our clients using this strategy.

For example we currently use a technology called CANDDi for lead identification and nurturing. CANDDi is an innovative, young company that moves quickly providing innovative solutions. Within the lead identification and marketing automation sphere it offers much more value than the equivalent offering within a suite like Hubspot or Marketo. Also the cost works out much less.

Elastic build websites using powerful specialist tools designed for this single task. We handle marketing automation within these tools and develop what we require if it’s not available. We find this much more flexible and valuable than using a suite. Also we have full control over a client’s branding, design, look & feel.

Best of breed tools…

Social media marketing and automation are handled directly within the native platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Digital advertising and PPC automation are also handled in native tools like Google Adwords and the various social media platforms.

Elastic use an enterprise email marketing tool for all our email promotion and automation. The platform we use is powerful and is a best of breed digital tool in its field. It’s innovative, easy to develop for and our clients are able to use it independently.

There’s power to be had in using the best tools possible for each digital marketing channel and with each tool talking to each other it’s the best of all worlds. We have marketing automation all wrapped up so get in touch with us today to discover the value this can bring to your brand.

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