Email Marketing is Not Dead!

“Email marketing is old school!” Yes, email has been around for a while but it’s still a very powerful part of digital marketing, and shouldn’t be over-looked. Here’s how it could help your brand.

Email is used by 2.9 billion people!

Email marketing is:

  • Effective in terms of ROI
  • Targeted
  • Cheap
  • Consistent
  • Mobile friendly
  • Used by half the world’s population

Email operates brilliantly for companies keeping in touch with their customers, for companies sending out transactional ‘your payment has been received’ type messages and for consumers requiring regular updates on a range of services.

It’s very much a preview and review channel with a bias toward business to business (B2B) marketing. Email marketing is excellent at helping in the conversion process and building loyalty within your brand’s customer base

For every £ spent, get £44.25 back

Email works well as part of a digital strategy with other channels including the more real time, up to the minute, social media. As a more mature medium, email content can have a longer life and has a worldwide user base of 2.9 billion accounts, 3 times the number of Facebook and Twitter combined!

emailexpert has stated that, for America in 2014, every $1 spent on email the average return on investment is $44.25!

Elastic operates its own enterprise email marketing tool called Ping, based on Campaign Monitor’s services.

Through this we offer:

  • Email design including mobile
  • Content writing
  • Email campaign production
  • Import and management of lists
  • Send and monitoring of email opens
  • Full campaign reporting

For 69.7% of US internet users, email is the preferred method of communicating with businesses (eMarketer).

Strong B2B marketing

We can also build an email sign-up form into your website so that you can automatically build up subscribers. If you already have a list that you want to market Ping can handle that.

It’s important that all emails sent are viewable on mobile devices and we are well versed in mobile email production.

Email marketing’s real strength is as a business marketing tool. Sitting alongside a well designed website these two digital channels are at the heart of most businesses online output.

Email and web work to engage, convert and also retain users. Email is often used to market web content and can provide some editorial of its own at the same time.

Engage with Elastic and let us build you an email marketing strategy which works well with and maximises your other digital outputs.

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