Earned Value with Social Media

Social media is different from owned media, like a website, or paid media, like Google pay per click (PPC). With social media marketing, your brand EARNS value and gains exposure to the richest profiling available within digital marketing.

Access rich profiling information

Some rise, grow and take over the world, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Others crash and burn like MySpace, Friendster and Google+. Some experience a slower burn including LinkedIn and Twitter. The products that establish themselves and experience that period of hyper growth, attract millions of users.

Marketeers can use the rich profiling information held within social media to build strong, targeted campaigns. Social media products hold the richest demographic profiling information within the digital sphere. The ‘earned effect’ and peer recommendations boost this further. All in all, a powerful mix for brands to leverage.

Target Generation Z, Millennials and the Silver Surfers!

Social media marketing is powerful because it is strong within all three areas of the marketing cycle, customer attraction, conversion and customer retention.

Advertising through social media is the most powerful form of digital advertising. This does depend on your brand, target audience and business area however for the majority, social advertising delivers strong return on investment.

All generations are present on social media therefore demographically it is a versatile medium. Whether reaching silver surfers on Facebook, Millennials on Instagram or Generation Z on Snapchat social media attracts, engages and sells.

Maximise results with constant monitoring

Elastic are experienced in creating and running social media campaigns for a variety of brands and products. For Vox Dundee we delivered over 100,000 video views, on Facebook, in marketing their unique property development. In a wide ranging campaign for Lanarkshire NHS we delivered 76,000 video views and 12,000 click throughs to their website, in promoting Hepatitis awareness.

Monitoring of social media activity is crucial in tweaking and adjusting delivery to maximise results. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all provide excellent analytics of content and how well it is performing. From this, quality reporting is also provided.

Attract, engage, convert and retain all through social media!

Social, video and mobile are friends

Social media is mainly consumed on mobile devices. This is consistent with the demographics of people using social. Mobile use has increased to the point where more people use mobile devices than desktop and other devices combined. Social is a natural partner to mobile.

Mobiles are carried everywhere and dovetail perfectly with the 24/7 nature of social content. They are also location aware. Social media marketing, delivered over mobile, is a powerful route to the consumer. Video content works very well over mobile. Shorter video clips of around 30 seconds or less generate the greatest engagement with users.

What is your social media strategy?

Every brand requires an ongoing social media strategy. What platforms best fit your brand? What content will be posted? What elements of the yearly business cycle can be used for social media? Are there any specific events or seasonal factors that can feature? What will the key performance indicators be? (KPIs). This forms the basis of an organic strategy.

The range of platforms and content options for social is massive. This is another reason the channel is such as strong option.

There is always the change that your content will ‘go viral’ and achieve even greater exposure.

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