Design for Interior & Exhibition Spaces

Interpreting your brand through interior space is an important element that is often overlooked. Studies have proven that you can influence positivity and productivity through the environment that you create.


Most of us go to work each day and spend, on average, 8 hours every day in an office or business space of some description. That’s a really large part of life that often goes unnoticed. What we surround ourselves in each day is often underestimated. Clients and customers that visit you will, however, notice and whether fully realised or not, take in much about what you stand for, even if you’re not aware of it. Is your space bright and breezy, dark and serious or sloppy and uncared for. Taking notice of these elements can not only improve the impression you make to visitors but may also elevate your own team’s feelings about their environment.


Exhibitions may be the more obvious 3D brand extension. Most people are aware that if your business attends trade and networking events that you will need some kind of cubicle or table with which to present your company to passing potential client attendees. However, often companies settle for standard, off the shelf solutions that do little to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Your logo and a different colour probably isn’t really very exciting when you consider a bit more what could be achieved. Unique shapes, lighting and other effects can be used to great affect to draw attention to you.

Interpreting your brand into a 3 dimensional space is challenging and rewarding. You can see it and touch it, you can live inside it. Textures, colours and materials allow you to expand your brand vocabulary in new and exciting ways. Interior and exhibition space developed properly can provide many benefits and be a sound investment that can last many years.

Utilising the right mix of channels we help your brand reach, interact and affect your audience, wherever they are.

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