The Rules of attraction

We love traditional advertising. It’s great for getting your message in front of a local audience and getting them to visit your shop or business. But it just doesn’t have the mind-blowing effect that digital advertising does. We’re a marketing agency. We do what we think is right for our clients. And these days? Digital advertising has become vital to brands.

We can create an amazing looking ad for you and as a digital agency we can show you exactly who’s looking at it, and when, if and how they’re responding to it, how you can quickly tweak it to make it more effective.

We will even show you how you can target market even more specific individuals with it. Oh and how much less it will cost you… You can attract more visitors, turning into more customers, meaning more sales.

Why digital advertising rocks

It’s more cost effective
Traditional media can suck up all your budget quickly. You’ve got to spend a lot to have any impact. Digital advertising makes your money go further. It’s cheaper and gives you more control over your advertising spend. You can pause your online marketing activity if you need to. Or adjust your advertising at any time to make it work harder.

You get in front of the people who are looking for you
Because people are actively searching for the product or service you offer you can get in front of the audiences you want.

You jump the queue
Your ads will appear above the organic search results. They’ll be the first thing searchers will see after they type in what they’re looking for, you’re more likely to convert search traffic because you are one of the first options.

It’s where your customers live.
More people spend more time online. From teens to silver surfers. And digital advertising works to attract potential customers to your site, at lots of different touch points all along their online journey. There are 3.5 billion searches every day. That’s an awful lot of opportunities for your business to be found on search engines.

It works with your traditional advertising
It doesn’t have to be either one or the other. Digital advertising boosts social sharing and raises the performance of your traditional non-digital campaign elements like print, outdoor and TV, increasing your other digital touch points too.

It’s really fast
Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is extremely fast. It drives immediate results. You can be on the first page of particular search terms and ready to go within a day.

It’s trackable
When you place an ad in Facebook, Google, or Snapchat, you get real-time data. You can see who interacted with your ad and get vital, detailed information. Such as their demographics, lifestyles and spending habits. You can see how your conversions and sales compare to your spend. And you get that all straightaway.

It keeps improving
Facebook and Google constantly update and improve their ad formats, processes and user experience to make it easier and more effective for you to reach the customers you want.

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Attract more customers to your brand with Digital Advertising & Google PPC

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Attract more customers to your brand with Digital Advertising & Google PPC

What does it look like

Your ads on digital platforms can be a whole number of different formats. We’ll always advise on what’s best for you. They can be text, images or video content across websites, applications, social media products and emails. Display adverts are often animated graphics and include mid page units (MPUs), leaderboard banners, page takeovers and skyscrapers.

Short text adverts form the basis of paid advertising on Google search (PPC). Video advertising is especially effective on social media products including Facebook.Native adverts often look no different than original content but have a ‘sponsored’ label so you can tell it’s an ad you’re looking at. Interstitial adverts appear in between page views or screens within apps.

How can we help?

As part of your digital marketing strategy, we would detail the most effective online advertising campaign for you. We would take the work we’ve done identifying the needs and challenges of your target audience and define the best platforms (Google AdWords is the most popular PPC advertising system) formats, devices and content for maximum return on your investment.

We then create the actual artwork or video content to be used. Making sure they’re creative, highly original and highly engaging to defeat ‘advert fatigue’. Targeting your digital adverts to the right people at the right time is the next stage. This forms part of the placement and scheduling of creatives. These can be live very quickly and generating revenue for your brand straight away. Once the campaign is running we monitor and track performance. Small tweaks and adjustments at this stage can make a real difference to final results, which you can see in the regular reports we share with you.