Getting more from your data, day to day

One of the many jaw droppingly useful things about digital marketing is that it allows you to get invaluable data back. And data is everywhere. Every time anyone does anything online they leave behind a useful digital footprint. We can help you make the most of this mine of information so you can get even more from your data and make your marketing budget work harder for you.

Through digital analytics and reporting we can help you analyse the digital footprint your visitors have left behind and use the intelligence and information to give you a clear picture of your online marketing. You can see what’s working, what’s not.

How your target audiences are reacting to your content, where they’re going and what you can improve. We can show you how to look into the data and learn from the patterns, which means you can hit those KPI’s and get a better return on your investment.

More information, more effective

The fact that digital is trackable has many benefits for digital marketeers and organisations looking to develop, launch and optimise their digital presence. It also has benefits for users and consumers by providing them with personalised experiences and useful, targeted content. You get data in real time, and really quickly. You can’t NOT know what’s happening with your online activity because you constantly get updates with vital information about its performance. There is literally no hiding from your digital data.

That means your campaigns can be constantly altered and tweaked according to what your data reveals. You can see what ads are working best. What and which ones are underperforming.Which means when you develop, launch and optimise your digital presence, you can do so with confidence that your budget is being spent well and you’re creating the right kind of personalised and useful, targeted content for your customers.

Creating business value through looking into the numbers and learning from the patterns

Tools to help you measure

Within what we like to call the digital marketing universe, there are lots of different ways we can help you analyse and measure your online performance.

Google Analytics
This is the main tool we use for measuring your website’s performance over desktop, tablet and mobile. It lets us know how many visitors your site has attracted, where they’ve come from (Google search, Ad-words, social media…etc) and if they are new or returning. It also gives vital information on what’s the best performing content, and what areas can be improved. And if your site has contact forms or other transactional elements, we can set-up goals which record this activity too.

Google Webmasters
We use this for managing your search engine marketing and optimising your site so it performs better on Google. Through this tool we can control XML sitemaps, monitor how many web pages are indexed within Google and see any issues that might be affecting your site’s performance.

We also use Bing Webmasters Tools – the equivalent technology for Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Advanced Web Rankings
This lets us look at the words people are using to find your website, and so we can then make sure they are as high up as possible in all search engines. We also research new keyword opportunities for your brand and identify the key terms that we think your brand should own.

Google Adwords
Adwords provides a vast range of suggested keyword options and also shows the number of people searching for each term. This is called keyword volume. It’s important to consider the popularity around the searches people are performing as these will drive more traffic to your website. Adwords provides additional digital advertising analytics around pay per click (PPC) performance, which works together with search marketing.

This is an enterprise level search analytics and competitor performance tracking tool and complements the work we do within AWR.

We also use Powermapper and Sortsite for analysing the technical performance of websites. These provide in depth reporting on accessibility, usability, technical issues, SEO issues, HTML standards, compliance and site speed.

Experian Marketing Services
Experian gives us richly detailed demographical information, which helps us with profiling your customers and means a better targeted digital strategy.

Monthly & real time reporting

We shall deliver monthly reports on how your site and digital marketing is performing with detailed performance analysis based on agreed KPIs. These reports also compare your performance at the same point in a previous year, so that your annual data can be more meaningfully assessed and you get a better picture of your progress.

We can also produce real time reports. Via a Geckoboard dashboard, you can see up to the minute information on your site traffic, Google PPC performance, campaign activity and various social media KPIs.

This helps you understand what’s happening with your digital activity on a day to day basis, letting you fine tune your digital marketing and increase your effectiveness. So you can fully understand the return on investment your brand is achieving through all your digital assets.

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