A wonderful wide-open world of online opportunities

As part of your marketing plan, digital marketing couldn’t be more important, more exciting or more perfectly tailored to your brand. Also, sometimes, it couldn’t seem more confusing or more daunting if you don’t know what’s out there and what’s right for you. So how do you know what’s right for you? Well, you talk to us first about a digital marketing plan, naturally.

If you cut us open, we’d bleed digital (but, you know, please don’t actually try). We get really, really excited about all the possibilities. We’re endlessly inspired by what the awe inspiring marriage of new innovations and timeless creative thinking can bring about. We can help you drive your brand awareness through highly targeted campaigns that increase direct traffic to your site, and increase search traffic too. Everyone is online, everyone is connected and we can help you connect better with them.

We can help you track your digital marketing for a better return on your investment. We like nothing more than to talk digital. Your social media channels – and there’s more and more of them to consider on what seems like a daily basis. Your digital advertising and PPC. SEO and analytics. Email marketing (yes, still a thing, and yes, still very useful). So, if you’d like to discuss the difference digital can make to your brand, let’s do just that.

Keep tracking, keep testing, keep fine tuning

It’s a beautiful thing, digital marketing. A bit of dream for marketeers because unlike a lot of traditional channels, it’s completely trackable.

So you can evaluate and tweak your digital marketing plan as you go, making sure your budget is allocated with scientific precision, meaning a better return on investment.

Bringing the people you want to your site

The bedrock for your digital marketing activity is search engine optimisation. It’s quite simply the most important resource for getting traffic to your site.

Search engine marketing is a bit like building your own web in Google to attract your customer base. It’s all about people with an active need – and we can help you service that need. It’s the lowest cost marketing channel for driving traffic to your site – that traffic being people who are highly likely to buy your product or become a new business enquiry.

We can help you make sure your website is maximised to take full advantage of this opportunities Google and other search engines bring, and that you get the most eyes possible looking at your wonderful products and services.

Being more social

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms are all very cost effective ways of reaching different audiences and demographics. They’re part of what is termed ‘earned media’. Meaning the value and ROI is earned rather than bought.

We can create and help you run creative and effective social media campaigns spread the word, get people engaged with your brand and turn customers into advocates and fans who help spread your message.

The beauty of digital is that it is completely trackable and that return on investment can be evaluated and attributed with precision.

Digital advertising and PPC

These are your key tools in what’s called ‘bought’ media. Digital advertising can be banner or display ads, pay per click advertising and social media advertising. And we can help you drive customer acquisition, see what’s working best and change up your digital marketing activity for a maximum return on your investment.

Email marketing

Email marketing almost feels old school these days, such is the pace of change. But it’s still an effective way of keeping in touch with your customers, and keeping them feeling loyal and loved. And especially useful for telling your customers about new products and services. We have a smart software tool that helps you compose, send and track email messages at a low cost. Giving you complete control of messaging and placement.

Digital analytics & reporting

We use a number of tools to track your digital activity. That means you get regular reporting on how your digital marketing is preforming and real time access to useful data. The tools we use include Google Analytics, Google Webmasters Tools, Google Adwords, Advanced Web Rankings and SEM Rush.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation automatically sends out messaging based on your customer’s profile or how they’ve acted previously. So it’s intelligent, targeted and saves you time, hassle and resources.

Lead generation

We use cutting edge lead generation tools including Canddi so you know exactly who is visiting your website, where they have come from and which pages they have viewed.

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