Take a closer look at who’s been looking at you

Lead generation technology is a bit like Big Brother for your website. But much less creepy. And far more useful. It tells you who has been visiting your website and when they visited. What pages they looked at. What they bought – or were about to buy but changed their mind. And if more of them visit after you ran your digital marketing campaign.

There are many reasons why you should talk to us about lead generation. Not only do you get better quality leads but you can also learn more about your potential customers.

Through tracking and monitoring your campaigns, we can take your business to the next level, enabling growth and improving your ROI.

Never mind the analytics

It’s a word that puts the most tech savvy of us off. Instead, let’s talk about digital intelligence. And how you can use that for more effective lead generation and lead nurturing. Your customers use a number of digital touch points before finally purchasing a product or a service from you.

They might arrive at your site through a Google search. Or have noticed your social media campaign and come via that. They might then leave. And then come back through a different digital route before finally deciding to buy something. So it’s important and helpful for you to have as much information and intelligence as possible on who is visiting your site.Then you can see more clearly who your potential customer base is. Which you can use to inform digital strategy, create more relevant, tailored content and target specific demographics.

B2B intell

In the world of B2B marketing, this digital intelligence is just as useful for lead generation. You can see what businesses have visited your site. By using IP identification, you can tailor your sales strategies and get in touch with businesses who are warmed up and interested in what you do already.

And that’s important because, as you know full well, it’s not the number of leads that count. It’s the quality of leads that count. If you, like most B2B marketeers, are spending more than half your budget on lead generation then we need to talk about how we – and clever tech, can make a world of difference.

Find out who is browsing your website & turn many more leads into business

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More converts to your brand

Lead nurturing is the process of gathering intelligence on potential business and using that to move those customers identified, further along in the sales cycle. This could be individual consumers or larger businesses depending on the marketplace. Lead nurturing gives you the digital intelligence you need to move those customers you’ve identified as having visited your site further along the sales cycle.

And it also provides valuable input into your digital campaigns designed to nudge those along who are right on the cusp of making a purchase. This can be done through using marketing automation within this process. And lead identification and nurturing is a central part of your CRM marketing. You can use all this rich information to build digital profiles and assigning potential prospects.

How do you gather all this digital intelligence?

We use CANDDi. It’s a flexible, innovative system that can provide you with, and help you close, more leads. And we can help you set-up your website on this system with full training. CANDDi is a digital intelligence gathering technology in its own right.

It’s not part of a suite of templated tools, like Hubspot or Marketo. It’s a specialist lead identification and nurturing product. It provides its own easy to use dashboards and email alerts that will help your company identify and generate more leads. That way you can see straight away which companies are visiting your site, where they are coming in from (e.g. via search, email, social media), where they are coming from (as in what country/city) how long they spend on site, what content they view – and if they return. And to make it even more personalised for your business, your sales teams can all have individually tailored dashboards and email alerts for their specific areas.

CANNDi – integrates with all the leading email marketing solutions, so that you can track individuals clicking through from email marketing campaigns and monitor their activity. This can be used to send out further targeted messaging aimed at conversion.

CANNDi – lets you see who has opened email attachments and quotes sent out plus clients clicking on links sent out with business email.

Digital intelligence, lead identification and nurturing should be an essential part of your comprehensive digital strategy. Whether you’re a smaller or larger business, we can help you benefit from engaging with and getting the most out of this technology, and help you use it to it shape your future business growth.