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Marketing automation is about putting intelligent technology to work and getting it to take care of parts of your marketing strategy automatically – like customer segmentation, data integration and campaign management. It means you save time, effort and resources. Your customers can benefit from an enhanced online service and you can improve your return on your digital investment.

Those tasks which normally would all have to be performed manually, you can now entrust to specialist software. So, current processes are more efficient, and some new processes become possible too.

Using lead identification, Marketing automation, nurturing, lead assignment, analytics, email marketing and digital advertising scheduling software to help our clients increase the scale and scope of their campaigns.

Where marketing automation might be right for you

Here at Elastic, we’ve built up a range of experience within marketing automation. We use lead identification, lead nurturing, lead assignment, analytics, email marketing and digital advertising scheduling software amongst others.

Here’s just some of the ways marketing automation can be part of your marketing mix.

  • Website content that changes depending on the user profile
  • Asking users questions based on the way they browse a website
  • Social media content
  • Email alerts identifying companies visiting your website
  • Placing a value or a score on persons visiting your website
  • Automated lead assignment
  • Lead nurturing
  • Tracking of web visits and use of marketing content
  • Monitoring of user behaviour on connected digital platforms
  • We miss you emails
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Digital advertising scheduling

Technology to manage multiple online channels & improve your return on digital investment

Technology to manage multiple online channels & improve your return on digital investment

Benefits of marketing automation to you

A better customer experience
When your customers do certain things – such as signing up for an email or looking at certain products, you can send them triggered emails. Which means your marketing strategy can include a much higher degree of personalisation – making them feel more valued, looked after and engaged.

You can scale up
You can increase the size and scope of your campaigns, quickly and easily. Automated means efficient and scalable. You don’t need more hands on deck or to spend more time doing more.

Better results
Marketing automation gives you detailed, in-depth reporting. So, you can quickly see how your marketing strategy is working and what areas can be improved.

Multichannel management
There’s an increasing number of channels where your customers can be found. Managing one is easy. But it gets more time consuming when more and more are added. Marketing automation helps you keep on top of and in control of every channel you use.

One unified process means your brand values, personality and attributes are clearly and consistently delivered across all your marketing efforts.

Time saving
Aside from being a streamlined automatic alternative to traditionally manual processes, marketing automation means you can schedule multiple campaigns to run ahead of time and set them to be implemented according to your calendar. Freeing up your team to work on other tasks.

The best tools for the best results

Digital marketing software like Hubspot and Marketo are commonly used for marketing automation and managing multiple digital platforms. They can create websites and emails, store sign-ups and track leads all in one login.

But we prefer to manage each of your digital asset separately, using different best of breed tools that talk to each other. So rather than one size fits all, we pick out the best ones and get the best out of them for you.

Take lead identification and nurturing, for example. We use a technology called CANDDi. For incorporating lead identification into the marketing automation sphere, it offers much more value than the equivalent offering within a suite like Hubspot or Marketo. And it costs less too.

We build websites using powerful specialist tools which have been designed to do that, and that alone. So they’re the best at it. We handle marketing automation within these specialist tools and we develop what we need if it’s not available. This gives us more flexibility and means we have full control over your branding and design.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram directly handle social media automation within their native platforms. Likewise, digital advertising and PPC automation are also handled in native tools like Google Adwords and the various social media platforms.

We use an enterprise email marketing tool for all our email promotion and automation. The platform we use is powerful and is a best of breed digital tool in its field. It’s innovative, easy to set up and our clients are able to use it independently.

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