In order to find, you must first search

What do people do when they need exactly what you provide? That’s right, they search for it. And how they find you or more to the point, how easy you make it for them to find you, is massively important to your whole digital marketing strategy. Which makes search engine marketing (SEM) or optimisation (SEO) the solid bedrock of your plans.

SEO marketing is currently the most valuable and powerful way to reach your audience. It’s hugely important for giving your brand relevant visibility. It’s the main attraction part of your marketing funnel.

We can help you optimise your digital content so more casual lookers can be converted into customers. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your search marketing, give us a call.

Word up

SEO is about making sure what you say on your website uses the words that your potential customers are searching for. To get the levels of traffic you want, your site should appear in the top search results. Drop below that and you may as well be invisible. Who has the time to check out pages three, four and five of the search results?

We’re highly experienced in SEO and SEM and can help you set up your site in the correct way in order that your website will rank in the top search results. By correct way, we mean all the technical stuff. Like speed of delivery, user-friendly design, responsiveness (mobile/tablet friendly), best practice coding standards, accessibility and a sitemap.

Matching & mirroring your customer’s needs

Search engine marketing is all about capturing people who are already interested in and want what you offer. They don’t always look for exactly the same words which describe that offering. Some terms are searched for more than others, those are the most important ones to think about when creating content. Businesses who closely match and mirror key words in their content to what people are looking for are the ones who will be found and ranked higher on search results.

Marketing through search is the most valuable and powerful way to reach your audience.

What on earth are your customers searching for?

We use a number of tools to work out what your customers are searching for and when they are interested in your product or service. When you know this, you can use these central keywords in your content. Not too much though. That will affect your search results. Search engines know when sites have too many keywords incorporated into their copy.

We’ll help you craft a natural voice so people actually want to read about your offerings when they find you. We can help you use keywords in other SEO page elements, not just your homepage and main pages, like your page titles, descriptions, headers and URL.

It pays to plan ahead

We’ll help you plan your content strategy weeks, even months in advance, so that you can constantly renew and refresh your content. This way you can keep up with changes in the market and what’s going on with your competitors.

Elasticcreative use’s a number of different tools to help you stay on top of search engine analytics and be on the lookout for new ways to capture extra traffic.

Advanced Web Rankings and SEMrush track hundreds of key terms and phrases across all search engines. These can show you exactly how visible you are in searches versus your competitors. Google Adwords, Analytics, and Webmasters Tools all work together to maximise search engine optimisation. We also use a number of browser based plug-ins for page-by-page analysis of the Google Page Rank algorithm and quality, including SEOQuake and WooRank.

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