Time to join the social club

You know when your Mum excitedly tweets about a new Snapchat filter that social media has finally taken over the whole world. It has certainly changed the face of business. Brands have to engage with their customers more than ever before to keep them loyal and happy. They have to listen to them. They have to respond more quickly. So you need to get your social media strategy right.

Social media marketing is different from other forms of digital marketing because it’s earned exposure rather than owned media, like a website, or paid media, like Google pay per click (PPC). With social media marketing, your brand earns value through interacting with your audience.

If your social media marketing is right, more people will talk about you, share your content and build a relationship with you and your brand. Elastic can help you realise the potential of social media for your business.

Knowing your customers inside out

Some social media platforms quickly turn into global giants.

Facebook has the richest profiling data and is generally more cost effective. It’s excellent for video marketing and is a really strong visual medium, characterised by lots of preview and review activity.

It’s good for B2B and also B2C activity although LinkedIn, now owned by Microsoft is of course very much the go to B2B marketing platform.

Instagram is even stronger visually and appeals to younger users. It’s more about the ‘right now’, especially with stories, than other social media platforms.

Twitter is a lot of people’s go to for all that’s happening in the world right now. Still perhaps not quite so strong visually as Facebook and Instagram, but it does have excellent B2C and also B2B coverage.

Snapchat, where you can share images and text that disappear once read, has the youngest user base of all and so is great for campaigns that target teenagers and that 16-20 age group.

They all have two things in common – they attract millions of users. And they come packed with rich profiling information.
Which means you can build incredibly targeted social media campaigns and a social media strategy.
And that helps with your ‘earned effect’ and boosts peer recommendations.
All in all, a powerful potent mix for your brand to leverage.

From Millennials to Silver Surfers

Social media marketing delivers strong return on investment because it can help not only with customer attraction and conversion but also with retention too.

You can reach out and engage with silver surfers on Facebook. Build a community of millennials on Instagram. Or develop a genuine bond with Generation Z on Snapchat. And there’s always the chance that your content will ‘go viral’ and achieve even greater exposure across all your audiences.

We can help you develop a social media strategy so that right across the board, you can better use social media to attract, engage and sell.

We monitor so you can maximise

We’re chuffed with our track record in creating and running successful social media campaigns for all kinds of brands and products. One of the reasons they’ve been so successful is because we constantly monitor them. We watch. We tweak. We fiddle. And that means, unlike traditional advertising, we can quickly see what’s working and adjust the campaigns appropriately to maximize results.

Results, like these.

For Vox Dundee, a property development company, we delivered over 100,000 video views on Facebook.

The Carnegie Club, a luxury members club, we delivered 7x ROI with a social media campaign targeting the Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) audience.

Monitoring of social media activity is crucial. We want to help get the best out of your campaign – and your budget. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all provide excellent analytics of content and quality reporting to show you how well your activity is performing.

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Attract, engage, convert and retain all through social media!

Making your brand more mobile

We live in a mobile world. Tablets and phones are carried everywhere 24/7. More people use mobile devices than desktop computers. And of course one of, if not THE main thing, they’re looking at on all the screens is social media. That is why social media marketing for mobile should be an integral part of your digital marketing mix.

Social media campaigns, delivered via mobile, are a fantastic and now a vital way for you to reach your audiences. We can help you make the most of the opportunities creating engaging video content, using location aware technology to target customers and make sure your website works on all mobile devices.

Putting your social media strategy in place?

Every brand requires an ongoing social media strategy. What platforms best for your brand? What content will be posted? What elements of the yearly business cycle can be used for social media? Are there any specific events or seasonal factors that can feature? What will the key performance indicators (KPIs) be? This forms the basis of an organic strategy.