Doing our homework so we can do more for your brand

Getting the right marketing strategy for you means doing our homework first. Yes, homework. Not a great word when you’re all grown up. Not one that gets the heart beating a little faster, is it? But we love it. We lap up learning and make sure we do all our homework first (and the dog never gets the chance to eat it) before we do our work for you.

Successful digital marketing can only come about when you first put together a marketing strategy based on detailed digital research. Every option is considered, and every strategy is thoroughly investigated. Keyword research, market research, competitor research, research on current digital trends – they all provide the foundations on which we can help you take your brand to the next level. When considering what’s the best attraction, engagement and conversion channels for your business.

We’re armed with all the intelligence and knowledge we need to put together the most effective, efficient and successful marketing strategy. Because it’s a tough old world out there. It’s competitive, it’s changing quickly all the time, and budgets have to go further. We all need to think smarter and more strategically. More and more of your customers are doing their own research online. And subsequently buying more and more of what they need online. So investigating the most cost-effective way to reach all those potential customers has never been more important.

Getting the intel we need

When considering the best attraction, engagement and conversion strategies for your business, we ask – and answer, all these questions, and more.

  • How good are competitor websites?
  • Are they responsive?
  • How much traffic are they getting?
  • How high up are pages listing in Google?
  • Are any PPC campaigns being run?
  • What is the quality of digital content, text and images?
  • Are email or social media marketing being adopted?
  • How much digital market share do competitors have?
  • What is the size of the market?
  • Where are the business & ROI opportunities?
  • What strategy should be adopted to drive leads and revenue?

Better brand positioning, for a better bottom line

Our mission for any digital marketing campaign that we create for you is absolutely clear, set in stone and very simple. It has to deliver returns that don’t just meet your expectations, but sail right past them, waving as they head off over the horizon.

We can achieve this by giving you more effective brand positioning through our detailed analysis of all the digital opportunities out there. We work out the overall best approach for you, which of these opportunities will be most effective for you and how you can maximise the return on your investment.

So how do we know what is right for you?

Putting together the right approach

Our detailed digital research and planning forms the core of your digital strategy. Doing our market research thoroughly means we can then decide on which digital channels will perform best in attracting initial attention to your website.

Once we’ve done that, and traffic is flowing to your site, we can help you select the best digital tools for following up on that attraction and keeping all these visitors interested and engaged. Then we’ll help you decide which digital platforms are best for turning those users into paying customers

Detailed digital research and planning forms the digital strategy for your business.

Optimal marketing for B2B or B2C

Your digital marketing strategy will depend on a number of factors. There’s the market you operate in and how it’s performing. What and how your competitors are doing right now. And whether your marketing plan is for business to business, or business to consumer.

A pure B2B strategy might use Linkedin and SEO to attract customers with a combination of Linkedin and email marketing to engage, alongside a website to convert.

A B2C marketeer might be more active on social media, PPC and digital advertising to acquire, Facebook and other social media to engage, with a website to convert. Other organisations might attract, engage and convert all their customers over social media only. We’ll help you optimise your marketing and digital strategies so you can attract, engage with and convert more of the customers you target.

And in practice…

When it comes to building your website, we make sure that it is designed to stand out via search engine marketing. We use Google Adwords and other tools to find out what people are searching for, then we make sure those words and key phrases are strategically included throughout your site so it attracts more traffic.

This all feeds into our content strategy that will enhance your brand’s digital presence, customer engagement and visibility in search engines.

Right from the off – the initial brand workshop, right through to lead nurture and CRM – our qualitative and quantitative research and strategy are key to making your digital marketing a success.

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