With an almost limitless potential, animation can solve even the most challenging brief.

Story telling, brand building or digestible explanations are all part of what animation has to offer. Using techniques that are both versatile and ever advancing. Stop-motion, for example is an age old way of heightened communication with an aesthetically powerful look and feel.

3D animation never stops evolving, opening doors that may, at first, seem closed. From rendered products to fully animated worlds and characters, 3D is an immensely tactile tool. So whatever animation you require we have it covered.

2d v 3d

Increasingly popular and with a seemingly limitless way to produce, 2D animation has stood the test of time in the world of motion graphics. A mixture of the right movements, colour theory and storytelling can take a project to a whole new level. We have produced a fair few vector-based animations, but also specialise in illustrative pieces, product showcasing and storytelling.

Using the endless possibilities of Maxon’s Cinema 4D, we create 3D worlds, models, characters and animations rendered out at the highest quality. Custom textures and lighting setups mean each piece has its own feel. Not only does the scope of 3D allow us to render fully animated scenes, it also opens up the world of VFX and integrated graphics in footage. Our film industry used software can keep up with the advances in VFX technology and produce ground breaking effects.


Used as a unique style of animation, but often hugely popular, illustrative pieces can offer a more earthy, crafted feel to motion graphics. The time scales are increased when a piece that utilises hand drawn, or illustrated graphics, but the payoff can be immense. Worlds can be built, characters brought to life and stories told. Not only this, but at Elastic we love to use stop-motion or even rotoscoping to achieve a fantastically finished animation.

Stop motion v vector based

Stop motion has been used throughout the film industry for decades and has become a popular staple for many studios. Here at Elastic, our 4k setup means even our stop motion pieces can be viewed in the highest possible quality, whilst keeping the hand crafted, in-camera feel that the medium excels at.

As an alternative to stop motion, vector-based graphics can give a completely different feel to the animation. Usually more technology minded and building upon the foundations of a brands identity/graphics, vector animations can be both mesmerising pieces or subtle, simple additions. We’ve had a variety of experience over the years with a number of different videos, animations and website designs that use vectors as their base, with great success and response across the board.

Storyboarding, production and editing

At the beginning of any animation project it is essential to have a storyboarding process. Many underestimate how important this part of the production is, yet it sets the pace, tone and ideas of the whole process. Every animation begins its life as ink and paper, edited before it has even made it to the screen. Not only does this mean that both us and our clients can nail down the concept, messages, scenes and direction early on, it also means that the later stages of the project can be dedicated to fine tuning, not overhauling.


Animation, whether it’s illustrative or stop motion, can be delivered online, TV or out and about in the world. Elastic have delivered animations straight to broadcast, built into crisp, clean website designs or presented in front of an audience. Our sound design can change depending on which output is needed, along with resolutions and video types, we have the backend of animation delivery sorted.

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