Live Footage

Filmed live footage can add realism and authority when you need to see an actual place or person.

With the current advances in 4K footage, we use the highest quality footage to capture interviews, scenes, locations or even tell a story. Not just about the camera, live action brings in sturdy direction, dazzling lights and crisp sound.

Combined with precise post-production and a seemingly endless list of possible outputs, live action can bring a superbly high value to your project.


We get the most out of our interviews by getting the most out of the person. With our video and photography studio setup we focus on bringing the message out and putting the personality on show. Drawing from experience that spans over a decade, we love to have interviews that not only show character but also convey the right message; whilst being composed and shot with film industry standard.

On Location

Our camera and studio set up has been created to ensure we can film professionally anywhere. With lighting, backdrops and cameras amongst the carefully crafted studio equipment list, we can bring our studio to a location to get the right shots at the right time, whether it’s outside or indoors. Having a director, camera operators and sound engineers on site can greatly increase the potential for a great piece of live action. Edited together after the shoot, we can achieve the highest quality standards in video.

Drone footage

Live footage can encompass a whole range of shooting techniques. Slow motion, drone, 360, HD, 4K are all possibilities, even before a lens has been changed. We can fly our cameras high, swoop them over developments or get to places usually out of the question. Over the past few years we’ve assembled a variety of skilled, professional drone pilots. Accompany these with the professional sound set up and editing we provide, and it’s a recipe for something truly breathtaking.

Direction – lights camera action

A live shoot can consist of many moving parts. Lighting, sound, actors and camera setups all need constant focus and planning throughout any live action piece. This art of spinning the plates of live action footage is the perfect place for us to be truly creative and achieve incredible results. At Elastic our team have come together from so many different backgrounds, that our directional skills can mold and morph according to the shoot.

Studio set-up

Our 4K setup uses the latest camera technology, alongside a range of lighting options. Made with both interior and exterior shoots in mind, our kit is a portable studio in itself. We love using the green screen and have recently brought in a multitude of coloured backgrounds which opens the scope of future shoots no end.

Storyboarding, production and editing

A large part of motion production, particularly live action footage, is making the edit the best it can be. Time can be spent to chisel down to the right cut or shave off a second here and there. Editing is extremely rewarding and can bring the best out of existing or supplied footage.



With the current, ever growing technological advancements in the motion graphics field, the possibilities of where the video can be shown and experienced are almost endless. Phones, tablets and laptops open the door to interactive motion pieces, which can be viewed anytime, anywhere. We love to experiment with our outputs and have delivered video to screens across the globe in a variety of ways. New advances in projection mapping and VR have also widened the horizon for projects that have motion at their core.


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