Motion Graphics

Transform branding, websites, ideas into outstanding visuals.

From animating typography and brand assets, to filming on location and special effects, implementing motion graphics into a project brings it up to the highest levels of creativity. At Elastic we love to fit our motion techniques to the idea, not vice versa.

Sometimes the use of digital, 2D animation is needed to tell a story. Perhaps a 3D recreation or 4K footage is the order of the day. Whichever it is, motion graphics can highlight the strengths of a brand, orchestrating moving image to achieve fantastic results.

What is motion graphics?

Lots of applications

The power of motion graphics can be seen through its influence on the world, from advertising to documentary making. A still image can be brought to life, it’s boundaries of communication burst by the application of motion. With the surge in popularity of VR (Virtual Reality), motion graphics has come into its own as an integral part of technological advances. Projections, 3D mapping and 4K footage means that motion graphics is one of the strongest visual mediums around. At Elastic our motion designers have experience in all of these and know how to best to apply them.


From Scientific explanations to architectural plans, motion graphics can guide a viewer through the complicated outlay and towards a simplified message. Breaking complex diagrams or infographics up using motion graphics opens whole new branches of opportunity to explain, teach and advertise. Our motion expertise focuses on the simplicity and clarity that can be achieved with graphics. For large diagrams and data this is crucial in allowing the audience to easily understand and digest the message.


Products rendered, spaces built, and messages communicated clearly. Through the use of motion graphics, all these things are easily possible and made to measure. Elastic Creative have had the pleasure of working on TV adverts, online ads and interactive motion pieces. All of these outputs have massive potential to bring in leads and raise brand awareness through the use of motion. With the ever-growing technological advances in the way animation can be used, advertisements have an almost limitless scope in terms of implementation. From high street videos to interactive applications, here at Elastic we provide the possibility of creating the highest quality graphics in all mediums.

Bringing a logo to life.

It doesn’t have to be the long, tenuous openings of a studio’s name before a film, but bringing a logo into motion makes a huge impact. It can be animated in 2D or worked into a 3D space. We love to push the boundaries and limits of technology to create something truly unique for logo presentation.

Voice over/sound

We have a pool of voiceover talent that we draw from to suit any project. No matter the location, accent or style of voice. Through our years of creative outputs, we’ve managed to gather a great network of voiceover talent. Elastic can also provide options for background music to suit any budget, which can enhance the feeling of the piece and bring your video to life.


For many projects and videos we have multiple versions in different languages across the globe. It allows businesses to have a far greater reach, and each motion graphic can be used anytime, anywhere. Alongside our fantastic network of English speaking voiceover talents, we have an ever-growing connection with voiceover artists from around the world. Much of our experiences with globally promoted motion pieces has given us a great insight into not only what works and what doesn’t, but also what direction provides our clients with the highest ROI.

Attracting attention

Products rendered, spaces built, and messages communicated clearly. Through the use of motion graphics, all these things are easily possible and made to measure. An explanation of how a product works or showcasing its traits can both be shown in an inventive, unique way with motion.

Explaining tricky concepts

Software demonstration

Apps, desktop software and online courses can be complex or misunderstood at a glance. Motion can cut these up into consumable pieces of information, without diluting the overall message or goal of the software. The power of animation and live action footage really becomes evident when showing software, it’s capabilities and features. We’ve worked with industry leading cash management apps, unique online courses and data driven software in our years of motion creation. This gives Elastic an edge when presented with a new brief that involves taking an explosion of information, bringing it all together into a rounded well-formed video.

Enriching the user experience

With the vast popularity of smartphone cameras there are millions of videos being made every day. Now more than ever it’s important to stand out from all the noise using motion graphics. At Elastic we have a large selection of creative and intuitive ways in which motion can be implemented. These cover 3D, live action, 2D, model making and illustrative animations. It can be a product that needs to be brought to life, or a service that needs explaining clearly. Online especially benefits from a great user experience, which can be taken so much further with motion graphics.

Storyboarding, production and editing

Perhaps the most important part of motion production is storyboarding, which can save both money and time. Laying down ideas as early as possible, whilst working out both technological possibilities and the final edit, means that both client and the production team can be on the same page right from the start. At Elastic we love to have a clear idea of what each animation or video needs to achieve, which is displayed in storyboard form before diving into the limitless possibilities of our animation techniques, camera work and video creation.

For animation we like to have the edit figured out and ready to make in the storyboard phase, with tweaks done at the latest stages. Live footage, on the other hand, is all about finding the right cut, the right moment and the perfect seconds here and there in the editing stage. As more and more people consume more and more video, a well edited piece really stands out from the crowd.


The beauty with motion is that it can be displayed almost anywhere these days. Projections, screens and VR make it possible for you to be out in town and experience a motion graphic or sitting on the bus. Video used on websites can be clever, subtle and imaginative; taking the site from good to great. Elastic have had the pleasure to create television adverts, interactive pieces and easily consumable campaign driven animations. It’s given us a great platform from which to launch new and exciting projects, drawing on years of experience and understanding.

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