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We're all a bit music-mad here at Elastic, so here are our favourite tunes in Spotify playlist form for getting creative, focussing on your work & waking yourself up.

We’re all a bit music-mad here at Elastic- morale has never been higher than when our sound system was recently fixed after an unexpected outage. The required silence in the interim got us thinking about our favourite tunes and why we love music at work.

We all have creative aspects to our job here at Elastic, so we love jamming to some loud tunes when we’re faced with a new project or tackling a challenge. Here’s a selection of music that inspires us to get creative with our solutions and keep us thinking Elastically, from Ladytron & The Chemical Brothers to Scotland’s own Young Fathers & Chvrches. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want a soundtrack to accompany your creative endeavours, this is the playlist for you.

Feeling distracted and need to get cracking on a big task? This is the playlist you’re looking for! This mix is a balance of energetic and calming tracks to keep you focussed on even the most mundane of tasks without distracting you from the task at hand. With everything from classical to classic rock, alt-country to dance, this is an eclectic playlist perfect for accompanying your next big project.

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Now let’s discuss the dreaded three-o-clock malaise. Everyone gets sleepy after lunch- your morning coffee is wearing off, you’ve still got the whole afternoon ahead of you, but you’re starting to nod off? Here at Elastic we combat that feeling with a cuppa, a cheeky Jaffa cake & some energetic tunes- in this case, a playlist chock-full of tunes guaranteed to energise you enough to get through the day. Featuring Against Me!, Nicki Minaj, old-school Mark Morrison, Surkin, Run the Jewels and more, this is a playlist you won’t be able to sleep through. Put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and get ready for an adrenaline rush!

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