Summer Lovin’: 2019 Faves

Every Christmas, we post a list of our favourite things from the last year – things like books, films, songs, concerts, TV & more. That got me thinking: a year is a long time between favourites, so here’s a list of things we’re obsessed with (or maybe it’s just me) this summer here at Elastic:

Song: Higher Love, Kygo & Whitney Houston

You’ve undoubtedly heard this tune on the radio this summer. It’s an earworm, in the best possible way, and the video is happy, nostalgic & fun. It also holds the place of Whitney Houston’s first posthumous Top 10 hit. Whether you’re into the original Steve Winwood version, Whitney Houston’s 1990s version or the newest Kygo remix, chances are you know the lyrics and might even get caught singing along if you think nobody is looking. This song screams summer and we can’t get enough of it.

Comedy: Fern Brady

We spent our Elastic Fringe night out at Fern Brady’s stand-up show on a bit of a whim after a few of us checked her out on YouTube, and it turned out to be an amazing night. It’s not often you see a woman with such perfect eyeshadow give such an honest and hilarious set, and we loved her. If you have a chance to see her on her upcoming tour, do yourself a favour and get there!

Ad Campaign: Stranger Things (Season 3)

Ok, ok, the best ad in the Stranger Things hype came out a year ago (see below), but from the first teaser through to release week earlier this summer, Netflix never dropped the ball on promoting one of their biggest cash cows.

Outside of the awkwardly-realistic trailers, the partnerships that came out when the show debuted were chef’s-kiss-level perfect. New Coke was re-released in a limited run for the first time since 1985, and, my favourite, Polaroid came out with a Stranger Things-themed camera and film… as well as a full 8-bit arcade-style game only available on their website to people who entered the Konami code to play. Seriously! It’s still there! Visit their website and then enter the Konami code… but don’t blame me if your afternoon is spent trying to beat the Demogorgons!

Concert: Taking Back Sunday, SWG3 Glasgow

I may have been the only member of the Elastic band to see this show back in June, but I’ve been buzzing over it all summer. It’s always great to see one of your faves in concert, and this show was no exception. Bonus? The SWG3 has a killer art space that showcases up and coming artists as well as bigger names, so there’s lots to explore upon arrival.

Book: City of Girls, Elizabeth Gilbert

I’m a long-time fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, but this is my first time reading her fiction… and now I have most of her catalogue on order. Starting in 1930s New York City and stretching through today, this book is an atmospheric retrospective of the importance of friendship, the perils of being young and the way events outside our control can shape our lives forever. I loved it so much I wish I had read it slower so could still be enjoying it. Gilbert is quoted as wanting her readers to ‘knock it back in one gulp and feel a little drunk after’, and I can say that was exactly my experience.

Marketing Stunt: Scottish Twitter

Twitter opened an ‘immersive visitor centre’ here in Edinburgh for the Fringe, and it was everything one could hope for out of an elaborate social media-themed patriotic joke. From oil paintings & embroidery illustrating legendary Scottish tweets to merchandise for sale, the visitor centre plays with the wit and quirks of social media in Scotland in a clever way that’s just as appealing to residents and the tourists bombarding the city in August. Plus, remember how I mentioned Fern Brady earlier? She’s also the official face of Scottish Twitter, and I can’t think of a better person to do the job:

There you have it! Now head to Youtube or Netflix or your local library to find out more about what we’re on about – and watch this space for our end of year Top 10 spectacular!


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