April Fools Round-Up

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Yesterday many of you may have either enjoyed the creativity of some of the world’s biggest companies or spent the day bemused by the string of bizarre press releases simultaneously posted on the morning of April 1st. This year’s April fools saw the closure of YouTube, Google harness the 4th dimension and Barack Obama revert back to his youth. Google, in fact, took the festivities to a new level with over 100 tricks. Here are Elastic’s picks of the day:

YouTube is ready to select a winner!

Youtube¬†reveal that after 8 years of searching they are finally ready to pick a winner to the worlds largest video competition. Coincidentally this is also Elastic’s winner of best April Fools joke this year.

Google Smell

The revolutionary Gmail Blue

Google goes into April Fools Day overload with Treasure Map Mode

A Special Message from the President

For the Tech Geeks Sphereo released the Spereo Peacekeeper Edition


A few other notable April Fools

Guardian Goggles: because life is too short to think for yourself!
Nokia Microwave: Mobile phone experts branch out into the appliance market
BMW P.R.A.M: Built with Royal babies in mind
Samsung Eco Tree: For all your Smart Tree needs
Virgin Glass: Richard Branson’s Airline release their first glass bottom plane
Twttr: Chrg fr vowls

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