In 2018, No One Should Be Homeless

In a recent research survey, Edinburgh was named top for economic vibrancy in Scotland and in an earlier blog, I wrote how I believe Edinburgh to be the best city in the world. And I still believe that.

In the same survey, however, Edinburgh only ranked 22nd for inclusion and equality; clear evidence of this is in the number of homeless people there are across the capital. This needs to change- not just in Edinburgh, but all across Scotland. In 2018, no one should be forced to live on the street.

Josh Littlejohn has set up Social Bite to work toward this goal. Social Bite’s initiatives include:

  • Setting up cafes in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Aberdeen where 1 in 4 staff have experienced homelessness
  • Creating and developing the Social Bite Village where housing and assistance with gaining employment can be provided as an effective route to end homelessness
  • Increasing visibility of the problem of homelessness via Sleep in the Park where participants in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee & Glasgow raise funds to help end homelessness

I encourage everyone to learn more about these projects and help wherever possible.

I’ll be sleeping in the park in December. Please consider donating to the cause here.
Thank You.


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