How’d You Get Here: Motion Graphics

Pamela is our Motion Graphics Designer. An all-around design whiz with a diverse creative background, she brings excellent storyboards to the table along with unique solutions to whatever task is put in front of her.

How long have you worked in Motion Graphics?

Just under a year now professionally, since graduating last summer.

Do you work in the field you went to school for?

Pretty much! I studied Animation at uni, however the course focused a lot more on storytelling, film-making and experimenting rather than design.

How did you get into motion graphics?

I did a bit of stop-motion when I was younger and was really interested in stories and film. I knew quite early on that I wanted to work in a creative industry but couldn’t decide between graphic design, illustration or animation until I realised that I could design graphics and illustrations AND make them move. Mind-blowing.

How has you position evolved throughout your career?

I started off not having a clue what I wanted to specialise in – concept art? post-production? 2D? 3D? – and was doing a lot of visual effects and experimental work to try to rack up as many skills as possible to figure out what my calling was. After graduating from uni, I ended up freelancing and working at a motion graphics studio helping out on editing/compositing and designing smaller shots for big productions – learning as much as possible and gaining studio and client experience.

Now I’m a lot more comfortable with having a general skillset across a variety of areas within animation and have a good chunk of creative freedom as a motion designer at Elastic.

What were the biggest challenges when starting your career?

My software skills and knowledge not being on par with my ideas. I’ve spent so much time feeling flustered with ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and I’m constantly winging it and learning on the job – but so is everyone. You learn by doing things, not by thinking about doing them.

What’s your favourite thing about your current position?

That there’s always a different project to work on every day and working with the rest of the Elastic team! (especially studio dog, Cooper)

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What’s your least favourite thing about motion graphics?

Waiting on renders. And After Effects crashing when you’ve forgotten to save after 3 hours of moving one tiny shape to perfection.

What makes a good employee in motion graphics?

Someone who always takes every project as an opportunity to learn or do something new.

What tips do you have for someone trying to get into motion graphics?

Make things that have influences and roots in the content you consume and what you genuinely love (films, books, cats, etc.) rather than simply following design trends or replicating what is all over Instagram that week. Your work will be a lot more genuine and show who you are as a creative person.

What’s something you would tell someone on their first day working in motion graphics?

Get it scribbled down on paper first. You’ll figure out how to make it work later – if your shots/visuals don’t make sense in the simplest form (sketch, storyboard, thumbnails etc.) then they probably won’t work in the polished final stage – even with fancy lighting and colours.

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