Why it is important to invest in Marketing During a Financial Crisis

With the current financial crisis raising costs on everything from energy to a weekly food shop to sadly even our beloved takeaway coffee, consumers are being more cautious where they are spending their money. One way to combat this is by investing in and nurturing a strong digital marketing strategy. Not only will this bring awareness to your brand but can help your business secure more contracts for the year. Reducing marketing activity can open up the stage for your competitors to come in and take advantage of your absence. As your online presence decreases theirs may benefit and increase.

In order to fully nurture your marketing potential you need to create your ideal conversion journey. This will help you to meet your targets and increase Return on Investment. Elastic can help you shape your ideal marketing mix for your business. Here are 4 of the most profitable methods to advertise your business during the financial crisis.

Organic Social Media

Organic Social Media is the perfect foundation for any digital marketing strategy. Posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok through stories, video content or in-the-moment shots are great ways to build an authentic connection with your audience. Not only will posting organic content build strong brand awareness but it will also establish a personality and voice for your brand so that you can differentiate and stand out.

Organic content is a way for you to have fun as a team to promote your brand. Conduct a Q&A to get to know the team, or share behind-the-scenes moments from inside the office. Showing up on social media in engaging ways makes your brand more appealing and interesting. Organic social media channels are also a great way to promote your branded content such as blogs, case studies and whitepapers, proving to potential prospects that your business is an industry expert.

Paid Social Media campaigns

While Organic Social Media content is great for nurturing existing relationships you have with your audience Paid Social Media campaigns are key to boosting awareness of your brand. Not only can they promote your business but they can also get your brand in front of fresh eyes in the hope of converting them into new clients.

There are two ways to promote your brand through paid social media ads: firstly boosting your organic content to reach a wider audience. Secondly (and our recommended solution) is by designing unique ads to maximise brand messaging. This way you can highlight the benefits of working with you. Through Facebook and Linkedin ads your content will be shared to a specific target audience who will potentially be interested in your business. Uniquely designed paid social media campaigns will not only reach a larger audience but also drive leads and conversions for your business.

Digital Marketing Paid channels

Now that we’ve talked through Paid and Organic social media marketing, let’s discuss Digital Marketing Paid Channels. These include Google Pay Per Clicks PPC, Microsoft Ads and Programmatic advertising. All will get your brand noticed through search engines even if audiences aren’t Googling your brand directly.

Improve your digital presence with Google Pay Per Click (PPC) and Microsoft advertising. PPC allows you to promote your business in front of a new audience through search engines. To really maximize your investment in PPC and Microsoft Ads focus on specific products or services. Microsoft Ads also have the added benefit of being shared to Microsoft Partner sites giving your advertising a wider reach. By incorporating your buyer persona and promoting content you will start targeting the right audience. A new customer may not be searching for your exact product but by targeting the right searches you have the ability to reach potential new customers.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic ads are designed to improve on the old-fashioned ad campaign. By using the algorithm you can learn which type of ads will generate the best return on investment. Adding Programmatic Advertising into your brand marketing drives ROI. By giving you data proven results it shows you who your ads are reaching and how exactly the ad budget is being spent which is ideal during the current financial crisis as you are getting the most out of your marketing budget while also targeting the right audience.

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