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Is this the end of Influencer Marketing?


Influencers are flocking to TikTok to de-influence as they feel the growing pressure to show up more authentically. With influencers turning the tables in a trend now known as de-influencing which involves recommending overhyped products, consumers should avoid.

The ‘it’ product to currently own according to the internet is the Stanley Cup tumbler – the tumbler has UK consumers spending upwards of £40 for the branded tumbler to keep up with American influencers. Other popular products to own are ice rollers for your face and SKIMS dresses from Kim Kardashian’s line. Making these the first products on the de-influencing hit list.

The de-influencing tag has over 50 million views with thousands of TikToker’s debunking the influencer allure of cult-like internet products.

So is it the end of influencer marketing?

Not quite but it is the start of more authentic content being shared. Influencers are sharing less about having the next ‘it’ product and more about cutting down on overconsumption. Focusing on the value of true and trusted recommendations.

Click here to read more about the de-influencing trend.

Levis 501 jeans

The Greatest Story Ever Worn. 150 Years of Levi’s 501’s

There is nothing more iconic than a pair of Levi’s 501 Denims. As popular today as they were when they launched 150 years ago. To mark the landmark year the brand has launched a campaign created by Droga5 showcasing the brand’s legacy all over the world. Split into three films drawing on real people and their relationship with the brand.

The campaign named The Greatest Story Ever Worn follows the arrival of Levi’s 501s to Kingston Jamaica in the 1970s. A gentleman who loved Levi’s so much he wanted to be buried in them and have all the funeral attendees wear Levi’s at his funeral. To a man who traded in the ’80s his family cow jack and the beanstalk style for a pair of the classic jeans.

Each short film shows the love of these jeans and the cultures and people Levi’s has reached over the years and mainly how the brand turned a style so simple into something classic.

Click here to check it out!

MacDonalds Delivery campaign


Delivery to Door just took on a brand new meaning.

We don’t know about you but here at Elastic, we have been loving McDonald’s current ads. From the very clever TV advert where there are no McDonald’s products in sight, yet you can’t help but recognise the famous brand.

Starting with the signature red & yellow of the co-worker’s clothing to the subtle ‘M’ written on a yellow post-it note. The arching of the eyebrows in a tongue-in-cheek hint at the famous M arches of the brand. You can’t help but identify the fast food brand from the ad.

Now the new campaign for TBWA/Paris McDonald’s France subtly inserts some of its most loved menu items in various doorways. Shot by photographer Aurelien Chauvard the posters adapts a sense of elegance to the brand. Highlighting the luxury of getting fast food delivered right to your door.

View the new Mcdonald’s ad here 

eco Red Nose

Red Nose Day is Going Plant-Based

Former chief design officer of Apple Sir Jony Ive has redesigned the iconic Comic Relief’s Red Nose to be more sustainable for 2023. Fitting with the move to more sustainable products because really what do you do with your red nose once comic relief is over?

The new Red Nose Design is made entirely of plant-based materials. The nose comes flat-packed and in a case where it can be stored and reused again. Starting off small before folding out into a honeycomb paper shape.

A complete overhaul of the famous red nose which since its debut in 1988 has been plastic or sponge with a multitude of various designs over the years.

What do you think of the more sustainable option? Check out the new design here. 



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