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Chris van der Kuly, Entrepreneurial Scotland

Last night Entrepreneurial Scotland launched its highly motivating vision for Scotland as the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

Entrepreneurial Scotland is the coming together of the Saltire Foundation and the Entrepreneurial Exchange. Together they commit to inspire, develop and connect current and future high impact leaders worldwide to ignite economic growth in Scotland.

Elastic are proud to have worked with the team to produce a short video to support the launch and inspire like-minded people to join the movement to make this happen.

In making the video we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of Scotland’s most influential entrepreneurs and some of the vibrant new scholars of the Saltire Foundation.

It’s changed our perceptions of what it means to be¬†entrepreneurial and has us full of¬†anticipation for exciting times ahead.

Entrepreneurial Scotland - make things happen

Bill Gammell

John Boyle

Laura Conway

Richard Dixon

Mark Beaumont

Chris van der Kuyl

Entrepreneurial Scotland

Entrepreneurial Scotland


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