Getting to know Elastic – Part 1

Here at Elastic we were lucky enough to be interviewed via email by Danae Wessman, a Marketing Communications major and Social Media minor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in the United States who’s currently taking a course in Scotland on International Business.

One of her assignments while here was to interview a business and she asked us a number of interesting questions. In part one of the interview, we talk about the different skills that make up Elastic, our international clients, and how we get the audience’s attention.

What are the different skills that make up Elastic?

At Elastic we have a fully integrated team that offers a complete service, from start to finish. We deliver everything from brand and marketing strategy to implementation including web design, digital marketing, video, print and advertising.

This allows both full connection and continuity, and each informs the other. It’s a complete package that has been very successful in delivering great results for our clients.

Highlights of these results have been regular high value leads for our clients each and every week, increased awareness through large volume video views, and in the end adding to our clients’ bottom line in terms of improved revenue and profits.

The experience is everything. Find out more about our web design services.

How many clients do you typically deal with at a time?

At any given time, we typically have around 12 to 15 different active client projects.

We work in loads of different sectors, which is exciting because it means there’s always something new to think and learn about.

Do you have any international clients? If so, are there any cultural differences to keep in mind?

We do have North American and European clients and are open to more.

Globalisation and the online environment means that there is an increasing amount of shared understanding. Some smaller cultural differences remain but they are overcome with regular contact – and most importantly by delivering great results.

Nowadays, geographical distance has been mostly removed as a factor when working alongside clients, as most of our services are dedicated to online results.

How do you go about grabbing the attention of your audience?

When we start working with a client, we really get to know them at a brand workshop. We also research the client as well as their market, sector, competitors and target audiences. After building a solid understanding of who the client is and what they do, we then build a picture of what would best serve this audience.

This includes not only the content of their messaging but the best channels to put the message out to its intended audience. The content will be a combination of visuals, written content and increasingly video, which continues to grow in its importance.

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