Finding out the facts won’t kill you : Digital Marketing for NHS Lanarkshire

Finding Out the Facts Won't Kill You

Following the recent launch of the website for NHS Lanarkshire, Elastic Creative have created the promotional campaign encouraging people to find out more about HIV and Hepatitis. The website provides up-to-date and comprehensive information about the viruses.

The objective of the campaign was to engage with people who don’t feel HIV or Hepatitis concerns them by revealing some key facts, and some lesser known facts (around tattoos or piercings) intended to make people stop and think and ultimately visit the website or get tested. The promotional materials include a Youtube video, Google Adwords PPC marketing, web banners for the Google display network and Facebook, also posters and postcards – all targeting the population of Lanarkshire. With online marketing we are able to be very location specific ensuring only people in the region see the ads.


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