Digital Advertising & PPC with Google Adwords

Digital advertising and PPC attract visitors or customers to your brand. More visitors captured generates more customers, leading to higher sales. Elastic can help you with all this.


With more consumers spending an increasing amount of time online, digital advertising works at touch points all along the consumer journey. It works to boost social sharing and it works to raise the performance of traditional non-digital campaign elements, including print, outdoor and TV.

Online advertising is:

  • More effective than traditional media advertising (generates more ROI)
  • Cheaper than traditional media
  • Highly versatile and trackable

It also:

  • Creates demand for your product or service
  • Boosts other digital touch points
  • Boosts non digital advertising

Internet advertising revenue bigger than TV

In 2011, Internet advertising revenues in the United States surpassed those of cable television.

Advertising on digital platforms can take a variety of forms. Ads can appear as text, image or video content across websites, applications, social media products and emails.

Display adverts (often animated graphics) include mid page units (MPUs), leaderboard banners, page takeovers and skyscrapers. Short text adverts form the basis of paid advertising on Google search (PPC). Video advertising is very effective on social media products including Facebook.

Native adverts, a younger form of digital advertising, often look no different than original content and are usually denoted by a ‘sponsored’ label. Interstitial adverts appear in between page views or screens within apps.

Attract more customers to your brand with Digital Advertising & Google PPC

Who are we targeting?

Within an online advertising campaign, Elastic would use your brand’s target audience to define the best platforms, formats, devices and content for maximum return.

We then create the actual artwork or video content to be used. These need to be highly original and engaging to defeat ‘advert fatigue’.

Place, monitor and report

Targeting adverts to the right people at the right time is the next stage. This forms part of the placement and scheduling of creatives. These can be live very quickly and generating revenue for your brand. Speed of deployment is a massive benefit of the medium.

Once the campaign is running we monitor and track performance. Small tweaks and adjustments at this stage can make a real difference to final results, which we fully report in a PDF format.

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