Computer Data Source

The Brief

The client

Computer Data Source (CDS) are an international data centre maintenance and support services company with headquarters in New Jersey, USA.

While they knew that they needed powerful and effective digital marketing to drive new business leads, they were struggling against low levels of brand awareness online.

The challenge

Elastic were tasked with raising CDS’ online brand awareness, in order to generate new leads for the company. In particular, we had to make sure that CDS’ potential audience knew who CDS were and knew what CDS could do for them

As well as getting CDS in front of a larger audience, we also had to make sure that we were targeting the right audience, one that was interested in what CDS’ had to offer and in a position to work with CDS.

“CDS has gone from being known as a compact disc supplier (CDs) on search results to being known as the leading global 3rd party maintenance provider. Monthly lead value has increased from nothing to over $15M per month in maintenance. Elastic and CDS continue to push the boundaries of how to market CDS’ services to a global audience.

In order to develop company growth CDS needed to increase opportunities and drive new direct business. Our website had no social media presence with no inbound leads. As a global company we needed to be visible worldwide and in 3 languages (English, French & German). Following research we engaged with Elastic for their expertise in brand building, digital marketing and multi-national capabilities.

Elastic have helped to completely transform our online presence where CDS now enjoy 3X the visibility compared with our closest competitor. Our digital marketing generates an average of 20 new opportunities each month.”


The Solution

Finding the right audience

The first step towards raising CDS’ online brand awareness was to create a new, engaging and responsive website that made CDS’ proposition and brand identity clear to potential customers.

We also carried out market research to make sure we would be targeting the kind of companies that would be in a position to work with CDS, and keyword research to make sure that the new website’s SEO was up to standard.

As well as this, the CDS website site was translated into both French and in German, to reach a global audience.

Developing the right content

After we identified CDS’ target audience, and made sure they could find CDS, we developed a dynamic content marketing strategy.

We developed news and blog content as evidence of CDS’s capabilities, and then used social media advertising and digital campaigns to get the message out to CDS’ potential customers.

Generating the right leads

Technical business to business marketing is a challenging field, often requiring many touch points before a prospective customer commits to becoming a full customer.

On the CDS website, we used lead identification and tracking to find out more about the potential customers. This allowed us to:

  • Filter out the visitors that were in no position to become customers of CDS
  • Pass on relevant, high value leads that the CDS sales team could act upon

As the industry moves, so do we. By continually using analytics and monitoring the effectiveness of our approach, we can change the messaging and content to generate high value leads for CDS.

The Results

As a result of our work, we’ve seen:

  • CDS’ online visibility and search rankings rated as higher than all of their competitors
  • A 650 per cent increase in unique users on the CDS website, within six months of the site successfully launching
  • Delivering an average monthly lead value of $15m